Cheers to a Hot Mom Summer for 2021


You know when you’ve gotta fake it til you make it? That’s where I’m leaning as we move into this summer. Honestly, I haven’t hit my wellness goals as best as I wanted to, but that’s okay.

I’m going to have a hot mom summer, because my body is swimsuit ready.

It’s a strong body that literally created another human not that long ago, and that’s the most incredible thing. I’m sure as heck not going to miss out on the joy and fun of summer play and pool time with my toddler because I’ve got a little extra jiggle leftover from the quarantine 15 and my pregnancy gains.

As contributor Kira says so beautifully in her post Can we Stop Playing the Postpartum Shame Game, resuming some level of activity after you have a baby (whether that’s four months ago or four years ago, no shame!) shouldn’t be about needing to get a pre-baby body back, but being intentional in preserving physical movement as a healthy outlet for yourself.

We wholeheartedly believe that every mom-bod is swimsuit ready right now for this summer. We hope you feel like you’re going to have a hot mom summer, because mama, you’re strong as a mother, inside and out.

Read on for a mid-year check-in on some of our team’s wellness goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year, and summer specials at the most supportive mom-friendly wellness resources across the East Valley to support you wherever you need the extra push—moving your body or fueling your body, because everything is constantly evolving.



Megan is getting back an exercise routine as she plans to be pregnant in 2021 with baby #2

Update: Megan is pregnant with baby #2! She also found Vibe Barre as a supportive option for her getting back into an exercise routine! (Read more about her past struggles to get into a workout groove here!).

Megan isn’t the only one who goes to Vibe Barre—a few of us do! It’s not your typical barre studio, owner Victoria offers various formats of classes so there’s a lot of variety. Our favorite, hands down, is Barre Bounce that incorporates trampoline cardio with barre moves.  

They’re running a summer special if you’d like to give Vibe Barre a try this summer: three months for $279. (Yes, there’s childcare offered at the studio, too!)

Kim is working towards 5 unassisted and unbroken pull ups (she’s at 3 right now)

Update: Kim achieved her goal!! She’s been dedicated to Burn Boot Camps to make this happen (hello, free childcare!) and has hit 100 camps already and is on track to hit 250 by the end of 2021. Kim took back her health last year at 40 and shared that journey here!

Cara is aiming to hit 500 barre classes by the end of 2021 (as of 12/31/2020, she hit 200!)

Cara is still loyal to Barre3 and has been going consistently this year. She realized in February that 300 classes in one year was a little much, but wants to get as close as possible. She’s averaging 4-5 classes a week, so that should get her to close 250 on the year and on track to hit 500 classes in early 2022!

Amy is ready to build up her strength after stepping away from lifting since before her pregnancy

Update: Amy has become a loyal member at Crossfit Perception and has been slowly rebuilding her muscle. More than that, the empowerment she’s rediscovered through lifting has been the best outcome; there’s nothing like looking at a 100+ pound barbell and realizing you can do hard things—lifting plus motherhood are literally rebuilding her to be strong as a mother.

You also know what so many coaches say, abs are made in the kitchen! Since we’ve already established we are a far, far cry from food bloggers, Amy has enlisted help with keeping meals on track with EAT by Stacey Weber, a local mom-owned meal prep service.

Before learning about EAT by Stacey Weber, we hadn’t considered meal prep services before because the single serving aspect isn’t as easy for feeding families. Stacey offers family sized servings for four so it truely does the meal prepping and healthy meal planning off  a mom’s to-do list. 

If you are keen to give Crossfit a try, mention East Valley Moms for your first month for $99! And, if you’re looking for meal prep help, get 15 percent off with code EVM15.

This post is a sponsored post written by East Valley Moms on behalf of some of the brands featured in the post, but all opinions are 100% ours. Thank you for allowing us to partner with brands we believe in to continue to bring you free content!


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