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Meet the Contributor Team…

The EVM team of contributors features local, real moms, just like you! We’re not a group of influencers by trade, we’re just nextdoor moms who love the East Valley, and who love to keep it real, and overshare a little (in the best way possible). 


Kira Henning

Contributor since 2017
Coffee order:
 Iced coffee with coconut milk
Favorite family tradition:The day after Thanksgiving. The whole family stays in PJs, makes soup, decorates and watches Christmas movies.

Kira is a busy working mama of 4 (3 chicks and a baby boy) and lives in NE Mesa. She and her husband are high school sweethearts and moved to Arizona from the Midwest.

Kira likes a good project, iced coffee, CrossFit and Yoga, gin, and Marshmallow Dream Bars. She dislikes the school pickup line, emptying the dishwasher, and mom shaming.


Kim Nothdurft

Contributor since 2018
Coffee order:
 Vanilla latte, hot or iced depending on the weather
Favorite EV restaurant: Postino East

Kim is an Arizona Native who grew up in Mesa. She now lives in South Gilbert with her husband, Andrew an EMS worker, and their 5 children.

Kim’s oldest daughter, LilyAnna (19), suffers from a rare genetic disorder called CDD (CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder) that causes a multitude of disabilities. Additionally, Kim is Mom to Andi Jane (17), Oliver (13), Alfonso (6) and Isabella (5).

Kim works from home trying to juggle it all. More accurately she’s just dropping a lot of balls and laughing about it and posting it to her IG stories.


Megan Lankford

Contributor since 2019
Coffee order:
 Iced chai with coconut milk
Best mom-advice ever received: They won’t go to college still waking at night/un-potty trained/with a paci/etc.

Megan is originally from North Florida, but has called the East Valley her home since 2009. She has been married to the love of her life, Matt, for almost 10 years and they have 2 boys, Jacob, who is 3 and Aaron who was born in November 2021.

Megan works as the accountant at a large church in Chandler. She serves on the Steering Committee for a local MOPS group and leads a small group Bible study at her house.

Lover of football naps, her mother’s Italian cooking, and finding something to laugh at in all situation, most days you can simply find Megan trying to make up this whole mom thing as she goes along, leaning on the wisdom and encouragement of her amazing tribe.


Lindsay Olivarez

Contributor since 2020
Diversity & Inclusion Editor
Favorite EV date night activity: Brickyard for dinner and hanging out around downtown Chandler for drinks and a walk 
Greatest challenge in your career thus far: Deciding to leave it

Lindsay is a recovering lawyer and #girlmom from the burbs of Chicago. She spends her days taxi-ing kids to gymnastics and swim, riding and obsessing over her Peloton, snuggling her Goldendoodles, and adjunct teaching at a local community college.

Lindsay is a passionate advocate for early childhood education and does her best to raise little humans who are kind to others.


Britt Van Sickle

Contributor since 2021
Coffee order:
 Iced vanilla chai tea with 2 pumps of hazelnut
Best mom-advice: Give yourself grace.

Britt is a divorced mom of 3, living the co-parenting life. She’s an AZ native and actively engaged in the community, politics, local art and fashion and the 2nd Amendment. Britt is a shoe obsessed, self proclaimed fashionista, lover of all things bumblebee and history.

When she’s not finding new adventures with her kids, she’s volunteering with the Junior League of Phoenix training up fellow female leaders in the community.


Jessica Loken

Contributor since 2021
Favorite EV date night activity: 
Dinner and drinks in Downtown Gilbert
Favorite EV Restaurants: Joyride and Blue Wasabi

Jessica is an East Valley Native and currently resides in Gilbert. Jessica met her husband in 2007 and have been married since 2009. They have twin boys who are 9 and a fur baby, Ruby.

Jessica has been a Pediatric Dental Assistant in the valley for over 20 years. When she’s not working, she enjoys working out, getting together with friends for dinner and taking trips as a family.


Amanda Backus

Contributor since 2022
Favorite thing about the East Valley:
The sense of community that our Queen Creek brings through the numerous community events they host
Favorite EV Restaurant: Old Ellsworth Brewery

Amanda is an Iowan who has resided in Queen Creek for over six years. She met her Arizona Native husband in 2016, and has been married for four years. They share four sons (two are her step-sons) and two dogs.

Amanda is a full- time working momma who loves spending her free time on the sidelines of her boy’s football games. A lover of Vikings football herself, she is always up for some friendly smack-talk.

In her spare time, she loves a good home-made charcuterie board, bubble baths, Instagram reels, and binge-able TV shows


Barbara Dombrowski

Contributor since 2022
Favorite sweet treat: 
Chocolate chip cookies
Best mom advice: You’re doing great!

Barbara is a proud Arizona Native, born and raised in Mesa and currently residing in Chandler with her husband, son, and two dogs.

After thirteen years of teaching and working as a Reading Specialist, she is new to the stay at home mom life.

She loves her Catholic faith, Cricut projects, Target Drive Up and coffee while it is still hot.


Tiffany Richardson-Henderson

Contributor since 2022
Favorite EV date night activity: 
Dinner and dancing at Barrio Queen or Whiskey Row
Favorite EV Restaurants:Buddyz Pizza

Tiffany, or Tiffancy if you’re fancy too, is an AZ transplant from MI. She has lived in every city in the East Valley, currently living in Florence-even further than San Tan Valley!

She resides with her husband and their 5 children. Tiffany has children in every stage of life: Sierra (18), Aaliyah (8), Lanai (7), Anna-Gabrielle (4), and Terry III (2).

Juggling her 15 year Legal career with her duties at home is challenging, but her faith and humor keep her going. Tiffany is currently focusing on fitness and putting herself first for the first time in her life. She is ready to conquer her fears and accomplish her goals!

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Our Resident Grandma Contributor…


Ginger Fleishans

‘Grandma Guest Post’ author, Ginger Fleishans, has one ability that few others at EVMB has:  she can (correctly) answer most anything on a 60’s slang quiz.  Not that she’s studied the 60’s – she lived it:  she’s the Grandma. Today’s norms are often a mystery –changes in social behaviors, work protocol, and communication never fail to amaze, especially the wide range of talent displayed by today’s young moms. But one thing hasn’t changed:  we all agree that being a mom is one of the toughest jobs ever. And our babies are more precious than gold. 

With 33 years of marriage under her belt, Ginger believes that family is one’s strongest touchstone, worth preserving at all costs. Her family calls her a professional volunteer, she is active supporting her church and local school as a newsletter writer, fundraiser and social event planner. 

If you want to bribe her, just suggest the Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale or a glass of pinot grigio.