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Amy McConnell

Kids: Maverick, 1 year
Local ‘hood: Northeast Mesa 
Coffee Order: Venti iced coffee, no classic, with cream
Greatest challenge in your career thus far: As a first time mom, I’m figuring out the mompreneur lifestyle as I navigate managing blogs and breastfeeding at the same time after leaving my corporate PR job. 


Anybody else reading this still looking for their mom tribe? Motherhood can be so many things—lovely, exhausting, beautiful and gross, sometimes all in the matter of the same few minutes. It’s so nice to be able to share all of those emotions with someone else who gets it, right?

This little slice of the internet has become that tribe for me, and I hope you feel connected to our stories and feel seen as a mom, wife, sister and daughter when you’re browsing our posts.

When I was pregnant, I was so incredibly touched with how welcoming the sisterhood of motherhood was to me. And I’m still so pleasantly surprised on a daily basis with the village that exists between moms of young children.

I’ve been given the opportunity to lead East Valley Moms Blog into a new era, and it’s not something I’m taking lightly. As a new mom, I have much to learn from those who have done this before and I’m grateful to have a local platform to strengthen the mom tribe that exists in our little east corner of the Valley of the Sun.

This blog exists to listen, support and give a voice to the East Valley everymom; no matter where you are in your journey, we’re here for you, your kiddo and your whole family.

Cheers, A.

Site Manager & Editor


Cara Lespron

Kids: Braylin, 6 and Joel, 4.5
Local ‘hood: Old Town Scottsdale
Coffee Order: Iced, whole milk latte, with one pump vanilla and one pump caramel
Best Mom-Advice You’ve Been Given: Choose your battles.


Cara is a thirty-something, second-generation Arizona Native. She grew up in NE Mesa and still has a deep love for the East Valley. She moved around the state a bit before planting roots in Scottsdale with her family.

Cara started writing for East Valley Moms in 2018 as a way to reconnect with the East Valley after living in Tucson for a few years. She took the position as Editor in early 2020 and added Site Manager to her resume in September 2020.

In her free time, Cara can be found at Barre3, trying new restaurants, happy hour with friends, binge-watching true crime, shopping and traveling.

Lisa and Michelle Bio Page

Co-Founders Lisa Glowacka & Michelle Alexander

In the spring of 2013 East Valley Moms Blog co-founders, Lisa Glowacka and Michelle Alexander embarked on one of their greatest adventures, launching East Valley Moms Blog into the local community. For seven years, they grew the community that we know today as East Valley Moms, and we are so grateful for their enterprising spirit! In summer 2020, the duo sold East Valley Moms to Amy McConnell, our present day owner and chief curator.