Owner & Chief Curator

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Amy McConnell

Kids: Maverick, 4
Local ‘hood: Northeast Mesa
Coffee Order: Venti iced coffee, no classic, with cream
Greatest challenge in your career thus far: Accepting that as a mom, woman and business owner, we can have it all, just not at the same time.


Amy spent 10+ years in the corporate PR agency world before having her son and becoming owner + chief curator of East Valley Moms.

On this little slice of the Internet, she aims to create a more connected, joyful parenting experience by sharing hacks, resources and building a community of local moms living across Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Queen Creek.

As a mom, she prefers art projects to building train sets, is currently exploring preschool co-op options and finding how much easier it is to parent outside in nature than inside four walls.

On Instagram, Amy’s favorite parenting resources include Read Aloud Revival, Poetry Tea Time and Tinkergarden.

Lisa and Michelle Bio Page

Co-Founders Lisa Glowacka & Michelle Alexander

In the spring of 2013 East Valley Moms Blog co-founders, Lisa Glowacka and Michelle Alexander embarked on one of their greatest adventures, launching East Valley Moms Blog into the local community. For seven years, they grew the community that we know today as East Valley Moms, and we are so grateful for their enterprising spirit! In summer 2020, the duo sold East Valley Moms to Amy McConnell, our present day owner and chief curator.