Diamondbacks Games with Kids: Tips for tots to teens


Today we’re taking kids to Chase Field, with tips for both tots or teens; keep reading for tips for going to a Diamondbacks game with kids from both moms to tweens and a mom to a tot and infant.

Diamondbacks Games with Kids: Tips for tots to teens

Leaving the D-Backs game on 4th of July I saw a mom with her newborn baby. It was also his first game. Mom said her baby cried and slept and cried some more. I said, “Someday it will be easier to bring them, right?” 

I’m still so glad we brought our little ones to experience all of the lights, music, and loud cheering (consider bringing noise-canceling headphones for those little ones). Chase Field does a great job of making accommodations for families. 

Here are a few things I have learned since this was our 3rd time visiting Chase Field with kids.

Plan for Parking and Traffic

Traffic is crazy on game days, so it is best to arrive early to prevent any “I’ve been sitting in this car seat way too long” meltdowns.

Budget hack: Buy a parking pass ahead of time for the garage closest to the right field bleachers (entrance off 7th St and Washington / Phoenix Convention Center East). This parking is $15 instead of the $20-$25 parking advertised on the D-Backs website.

Diaper Bags

The clear bag policy is in effect, however, families with diaper bags may bring them into the stadium if they are smaller than 11″ x 11″ x 15″.

Diaper bags are inspected and tagged at the gate. We packed snacks in a clear bag, a bottle for the baby, and a water bottle for the toddler. All were allowed inside.

From Contributor Kira (who has 3 tween and teen girls): Tell your tweens and teens to leave their Lulu belt bags at home or in the car because the clear bag policy also applies to them.


We opted to leave the stroller at home even though they are allowed. We used the ErgoBaby Carrier instead. One less thing to have to worry about! Strollers can be checked at Guest Relations, but with all the escalators and stairs, for us, it would’ve been more of a pain to have it.


Children ages 3 and up are required to have a ticket (but keep reading for more info on how to get free tickets for kids). We sat our baby on our lap.

First Game Certificate

If it’s your child’s first game visit Guest Relations near sections 128 or 322 for a commemorative certificate to add their baby book!

Family Restrooms

There are plenty of family restrooms (called “all inclusive” at Chase Field) with changing tables. Nursing moms can visit the suite level for accommodations.

The Sandlot

The best thing about Chase Field with kids has to be The Sandlot! It is located on the Upper Concourse in left field. There is a toddler playground, a kids playground, whiffle ball batting practice, and a big-league style batting cage. All have their own height requirements so be sure to check the signs.

Baxter also makes appearances for photos and autographs. Kids can watch the organist and see other fun games going on that end up on the jumbotron.

Kids Club–How to get free D-Backs tickets for kids

Contributor Kira’s pick: Join the D-Backs Kids Club! It is a free program for kids ages 15 and younger. At sign up kids earn a free prize with a membership card on a lanyard. There are Kids Club tables near Section 106 and 329. The Kids Club Headquarters is located at The Sandlot. 

The club comes with perks like free Sunday tickets for kids (with the purchase of an adult ticket) and a prize at every game. The D-Backs send out other cool events specific to kids.

The Food

You may bring your own food into Chase Field as long as it is in a clear plastic bag. Of course there are a lot of delicious options around the ballpark too. Cameron’s favorite was the $2.99 popcorn. 

Look for the “Value Items” logo at Doubleheaders concessions around the park (corn dogs, hot dogs, soda and popcorn for $2.99/each). It helps keep this outing an affordable one.

Contributor Kira’s pick: We love visiting the restaurants at Chase Field (Four Peaks and Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers). You can get tables right by the opening to the field. 

We always buy cheap tickets, sit in our seats for a bit and then walk to a restaurant to grab food and drinks with more space. Cooler temps and there are high chairs for the little ones. This is much easier if you are planning on eating at the ballpark rather than trying to get everyone’s food back to their seats.

Consider Leaving Early

Just like looking up the set list before you attend a concert and bolting at the encore to beat the traffic…you may want to leave before the game ends. Beat the crowds and quit while you’re ahead, right?

The kids will fall asleep in the car on the way home and you will be exhausted but you survived and managed to have fun too!

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