Feel the Burn: Burn Bootcamp, Turning 40 and Taking Back My Health


When I walked through the doors of Burn Bootcamp in October 2018 I had no idea how much my life was about to change.

I chose Burn because I was turning 40 and felt so confused about everything in my life. I changed careers, we had adopted our two youngest and I found myself back working at home with young children and no outlet. I was the unhealthiest I had ever been and even worse my mental health seemed to be really struggling.

Burn offers free child watch with membership and with two toddlers at the time, that extra cost at most gyms is a lot or not even an option. And extra bonus, our kids love going to the gym! They have the same teachers they love, they do crafts and have friends there. This piece was crucial to get me in the gym. 

There is a saying around gym culture that goes “but did you die” and I do think I might have been close my first few workouts to death (just kidding, I tend to be dramatic). Honestly though, I was really out of shape and the workouts are hard. I won’t sugar coat it. Burn is a kick your booty, cry for your mama and say that was fun at the end. It took weeks to be able to walk up and down my stairs with ease again and, now, even two years later I am still feeling sore, except now I am excited about that because it means my body is changing.

The workouts are all unique thanks to the Burn protocol and the incredible trainers. The trainers are on a consistent schedule and have become friends. They know each of us members and our capabilities and encourage us within our limits to stretch them.

Every day camp is different. For someone who gets bored easily, this is a huge benefit. And workouts are fun. Like genuinely fun! I don’t know how I can go from one minute I am cursing the day I was born to then laughing and saying how fun that was, but I do.

The trainers are available for focus meetings (included with a membership) and you can go over goals, get measurements, even advice on movement and correction. They are there to see us succeed, celebrate our successes, and encourage us in our struggles. The relationship between Burn members and trainers is unlike anything I’ve witnessed before.

The Burn community is also something I must mention. We call each other Burn Sisters and we work together as a family. If a member of the family needs help there is a community of sisters there in a heartbeat! Meal trains, gift cards, supporting kids, supporting businesses, etc. We are a community!

We also have competitions that are totally optional, but for those of us that like the extra challenge, and I love the friendships I make while preparing for such a hard competition. It’s not like some Cobra Kai kick them while they are down, it’s let’s work together to get stronger and let’s hang out afterward. It’s making friendships with like-minded women that enjoy pushing ourselves and feeling stronger and healthier. It’s again, like nothing I’ve experienced before.

My life is stressful on a daily basis, I am a mom to 5 kids who all have unique needs and my mind is constantly going 100 MPH on default. Giving myself 45 minutes of child-free time to just focus on breathing, sometimes counting (although I am a terrible counter), and maybe shaking it a little to the music and giggling with a partner, I am giving myself a gift. I am gifting myself (AND MY FAMILY) a mama who is self-aware, feeling stronger physically and even more, mentally.

Burn Bootcamp has changed my life in all the best ways and it is a huge part of my life and I encourage anyone who wants to give it a chance, do it! Do it for you!

And if you need a friend to join you on your first day I will be your girl!

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