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Megan Lankford

Megan is a 30-something mom laughing her way through life with littles. A Florida transplant, she enjoys sunshine and playing together with her husband and 2 little boys. Megan loves Jesus, numbers, organization and order, but prefers to take life as it comes, as long as her family is happy and healthy.

Infertility: A Journey in Acceptance

My heart grieves so deeply for couples plagued by infertility for whatever reason. I am acquainted with way too many people who have tried for years on end only to end up with disappointment...
facebook groups

The Best Local Moms Groups on Facebook You Need to Join

Is Facebook cool anymore? Is it cheugy? On fleek? Do the kids still say that? Regardless of Facebook’s hip factor, it is still a wealth of information and resources, especially for moms.  Facebook hosts tons...

Our Favorite East Valley Open Gyms

Hi Friends! Finding things to do during the day to burn your little kiddos’ energy out can be tough. An activity that I stumbled upon that is worth its weight in gold is Open...

 Where We Play: Mesa, Queen Creek, and Gilbert with my 3 year old and...

Hi friends! Contributor Megan here, a mama to two boys ages 3 years old and 3 months old. We live on the edge of Mesa, Q.C. and Gilbert and today I'm sharing where we...

Taking Care of your Mental Health if You Have Gestational Diabetes

Every pregnancy is different, and no two mom’s experiences will ever be the same. There’s so many things that could affect one mom and not another, and there is no apparent rhyme or reason...