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Megan Lankford

Megan is a 30-something mom laughing her way through life with littles. A Florida transplant, she enjoys sunshine and being outdoors with her husband and 2 year old little boy. Megan loves Jesus, numbers, organization and order, but prefers to take life as it comes, as long as her family is happy and healthy.

Taking Care of your Mental Health if You Have Gestational Diabetes

Every pregnancy is different, and no two mom’s experiences will ever be the same. There’s so many things that could affect one mom and not another, and there is no apparent rhyme or reason...

Before You Book an Infertility Specialist Appointment, Here’s What to Expect

Infertility sucks. I’ve shared the highs and lows of my personal struggles to get pregnant before, but as a quick recap: my husband and I purposely waited about 6 years after we got married...

Working Mom Wisdom: Transitioning from Grandma’s Care to Daycare for my 2-year-old

We make countless decisions as a parent and I think some of the most important decisions we make revolve around childcare: Does one parent stay home while your children are young? Do you have...

Indoor Memberships to Help You Survive Summer with Kids Ages 0-4

Being originally from Florida and now living in Mesa, I’ve never had to navigate snow days and cold weather that coops kids up inside, but it has to be exactly the same feeling for...

4 Ways to Show Up for a Special Needs Mom

I have a dear friend, Allison, who has a super special little guy. Her 3 year-old son, Mason, has a rare genetic disorder called STXBP1 that affects him physically and developmentally. She's the strongest...