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Megan Lankford

Megan is a 30-something mom laughing her way through life with littles. A Florida transplant, she enjoys sunshine and being outdoors with her husband and 2 year old little boy. Megan loves Jesus, numbers, organization and order, but prefers to take life as it comes, as long as her family is happy and healthy.

Summer Picks for Breakfast in the Stroller

My Post-Pandemic Resolution was to make sure I move every day. Those long days at home were often saved by a nice, long midday walk with my family. However, all Arizonans know that the...

Just Take the Dang Picture!

Technology is such a double edged sword. On the one hand, it does amazing things to keep us connected like never before in human history; it enables us to gain information about any and...

Be Your Kids’ Thermostat, Not Their Thermometer

I recently saw the most inspiring nugget of parenting advice on Instagram. I was rolling through stories and found myself watching and rewatching this story what seemed like a million times because the advice was...

PSA: You’re REALLY Doing Better Than You Think

Ok Mamas. It's time for a PSA. You can return to your regularly scheduled programming in a minute, but you really need to hear this. Listen closely, don't miss it. Hear me loud and...

Making the Life You Want

In December, our very own beauty Kelsey Glynn shared about manifesting her own destiny, and how she fulfilled her dream of being a stay-at-home mom while also pursuing a career she loved. She did...