Will You Be My Galentine? Gift Ideas for the Gal Pal in Your Life!


Galentine’s Day. Originally made famous by one of my favorite shows, Parks and Rec, is a day to celebrate your gal pals! 

It sounds so silly, but honestly, what a perfect thing to come out of a TV show. There has always been a day of the year to remind you to celebrate your mom, dad, spouse, etc. But celebrating the friendships in your life (gals or not) is something that can sometimes be overlooked. 

To be honest, before kids and marriage I took Galentine’s day very seriously. It was a day I would plan some fun with ALL of my girlfriends and celebrate friendship. We did ice cream trips, dinners, presents, and all kinds of other fun things. However, as we grow older, those become harder to do. On top of that, I ended up loving Galentine’s day even more when it became my wedding anniversary! 

Now, I may not get celebrate Galentine’s Day every February 13th like I used to. We may not even all get together. However, I still make sure that sometime between February 1-14th. I stop to celebrate my best friends. 

Here are some ways I celebrate Galentine’s Day now as a busy mom of two: 

-Send a card, it’s simple, but time consuming. I write a heartfelt personalized message and mail it to my gal pals. Yes, mail. I don’t care if they live 5 miles away. It’s always fun to have a surprise in the mail. 

– E-gift cards to Starbucks. Whether near or far they all have a Starbucks somewhat close by. Sending them an e-gift card one morning brightens their day. It doesn’t even have to be a lot, $5 will cover a cup coffee! 

– Face Mask! If they are close by I love giving them a face mask to have a little “me time” night in! Here is my favorite (locally made) face mask, I get the pink clay! You could also mail this to your bestie in another state if you are willing to pay the shipping!

– XOXO Candle from Ellery Mae. Y’all know I’m obsessed with Ellery Mae Candles. Last year, I bought a couple local friends her Valentine’s XOXO candle. Here is hoping she has it again this year, if not might I suggest the Capri or Lavendar+Honey scents! 

Here are some ways to celebrate Galentine’s day if you are wanting/willing to splurge:

-Send Flowers. I’ve done this before, but I don’t recommend it if you have a lot of friends unless you are ready to drop a lot of money. However here is my tip, I ALWAYS use fromyouflowers.com — they source from a local floral shop no matter where in the country you order. My biggest tip is go with the florist designed bouquet. It’s cheaper, fresher, lasts longer, and is usually WAY more beautiful than the picture they are trying to recreate. 

-Send an edible arrangement. I think most people love chocolate covered strawberries. Whether your bestie is married or not, getting chocolate covered strawberries is a win. (Again, not recommended if you have a ton of friends and not wanting to REALLY splurge.) 

-Lastly, create a basket! If all your besties are local, this is a win! You can make the perfect gift basket for them! Trust your gut, you know what they love! Honestly, creating gift baskets and dropping them off on their porches will make their day! 

Regardless of whether or not you want to spend money this Galentine’s Day. I urge you to pick a day to celebrate your friends and send them a sweet text. After the year we have had, everyone could use a little treat and a reminder of how much they are loved! 


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Ashley Lessard
Ashley is Disney-Obsessed Momma to 2 adorable little ones (Charlotte & John) who are both in their toddler years. She has two fun and lovable rescue pups, and an amazing husband whom she first met in second grade. Together they all enjoy hiking and supporting small local businesses. In her free time Ashley is a basic mom who, like most, enjoys Target, coffee, and wine! She also enjoys traveling to Disneyland and eating Pineapple Dole Whip frequently. She loves eating all things sweet, and loves the rain! She is a HUGE fan of watching Disney movies and drinking iced coffee year round. It’s never too cold for iced coffee, seriously, she drinks it in the snow. Ashley’s perfect day (besides a day spent in Disneyland) would be snuggling on the couch watching a Disney movie with a great cup of iced coffee, and the door open to the rain outside!


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