Dress for Success Phoenix: Outfitting Moms Reentering The Workforce


Dress for Success Phoenix is a literal Godsend for moms (and all women) entering the workforce. I had no idea about them or their services until I was laid off at the beginning of 2022 (here’s tips on how to support a friend whose family is going through a layoff). I started my job search and realized I had a major problem. Due to weight loss and working from home primarily since COVID, I had no business clothes that fit me properly. 

I was in a panic because I was flying out of state to a job interview in a few days and had nothing to wear.  Pre-interview jitters on top of the stress of finding and funding a new wardrobe was unbearable. 

The business classes I was taking at the time were right next to Dress for Success’ boutique in Phoenix and I had seen it several times before and kept forgetting to check them out. 

I decided to call and see what services they offered and if I could even get in before my flight out. Not only did the manager get me in on time for my trip, I was treated to a personal shopping experience better than the ones I have gotten at Nordstrom.  

Dress for Success’ boutique is beautifully decorated and maintained so you feel like you are shopping in a high end boutique. They curated brand name outfits for me based on my likes and dislikes, and I left with 11 outfits, including accessories free of charge.

Learn more about Dress for Success, and the other services they offer besides outfitting women reentering the workforce below! 



What services does Dress for Success offer?Dress for Success Phoenix: Outfitting moms reentering the workforce

They also offer services to help women secure employment and improve skills, besides their boutique services. 

Dress for Success Phoenix provides customized learning journeys, delivering free programs with the flexibility to reach women when and where they are, from career development to job skills preparedness, coaching, workshops and networking, cohort-based learning, styling, and professional attire. 

Seventy-six percent of female job seekers in our programs are employed within three months and 85 percent of women who participate in our financial education program increase their savings.

Dress for Success hosts networking events to further connect and advance women in the workplace featuring giveaways of even more high value items for women newly entering the workforce to make the transition at least a little easier. When you look good you feel good! 

Dress for Success is giving confidence to women to look the part so they can secure their next role. 

How can moms reentering the workforce utilize Dress for Success?

This organization is about much more than simply a new outfit for a job. In addition to equipping women and moms reentering the workforce with apparel and accessories, Dress for Success’ extensive job readiness and career training furnish you with a confidence that she carries forever with the knowledge that you can actively define you life, the direction you take and what success means to you and your family.

Who does Dress for Success serve?Dress for Success Phoenix: Outfitting moms reentering the workforce

Dress for Success Phoenix serves a diverse community of women and youth throughout the Valley, in numbers too significant to be ignored. 

Clients who utilize Dress for Success are facing challenges including: job loss, underemployment, lack of income or opportunity, domestic abuse and more. 

Forty percent are single mothers.

How can you support Dress for Success Phoenix

Dress for Success Phoenix is a Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO Code: 20168). This means that if you work and have an AZ state tax liability, you can make up to $800 in donations annually to Dress for Success Phoenix and get all the money back once you file your return ($400 maximum for single filers).  

Strengthening our community through supporting women in the Valley and doing so free of charge is a win-win all around!

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