Meet the Mompreneur: Alexander Layne, A Gilbert-Based Kids PJ Company


Today we’re talking about Christmas jammies; So many families cherish this family tradition and today we’re sharing a local jammie company based in Gilbert, Az., that can localize your annual holiday pajamas!

[and yes, there’s a discount for these pjs at the end of the blog post!]

Before we share more about this mom/grandma owned bamboo pajama shop, let me tell you how soft these jammies are–after getting our set of the Santa and cookies print, my son (3 1/2 years old) wouldn’t take these off for 30 hours, he loved how soft they were, and we are fans for life now. Meet the Momprenuer: Alexander Layne, A Gilbert-Based Kids PJ Company

Beyond their holiday collection, Alexander Layne offers year round bamboo pajamas for kids, and we’ve seen sneak peeks on their Instagram for an adult line coming out in 2024!



Meet the Momprenuer: Alexander Layne, A Gilbert-Based Kids PJ Company

  • Name:  Anyssa Holland
  • Age: 26
  • Location: Gilbert, AZ
  • Children (names and ages): Travis 3 years old, Dean 10 months

You founded a business! Tell us about your company. Our business is a bamboo kids pajama company, and it all began with the inspiration drawn from my two amazing sons. In our quest to provide the best sleepwear for children, we discovered that bamboo fabric has exceptional qualities that make it particularly well-suited for kids with sensitive skin, like those who struggle with eczema. This discovery was especially personal to us because my youngest son also faces the challenges of eczema.

So, when you choose our bamboo kids pajamas, you’re not only making an eco-conscious choice but also a thoughtful decision for your child’s sensitive skin. Our pajamas provide the utmost comfort, ensuring that children with eczema can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without discomfort or irritation.

We hope that our bamboo pajamas can make a positive difference in the lives of children and parents dealing with sensitive skin conditions. It’s our way of contributing to their comfort and well-being, and we’re proud to be able to provide a solution that genuinely cares for your child’s skin.


Meet the Momprenuer: Alexander Layne, A Gilbert-Based Kids PJ CompanyWhy did you want to start your own business?  I grew up in a hardworking household where my mom always worked tirelessly to provide for our family. Her dedication left a lasting impression on me, and I was determined to follow in her footsteps to ensure the well-being of my own family. 

This desire to provide for my family, just as my mom did, led me to seek a sustainable source of income while being present in their lives. 

Additionally, my younger son’s struggle with eczema ignited my passion to make life easier for children facing similar challenges. 

The dream of going into business with my mom, who has always been my pillar of support, was a driving force. This dream became a reality as we embarked on a journey to provide comfortable sleepwear for kids with sensitive skin. Our bamboo pajamas are the result of a shared vision, combining the comfort and care every child deserves, and our commitment to family, sustainability, and making a positive impact.

Tell us a little bit about your family! 

I’m a mom to two wonderful sons who inspired the creation of our bamboo kids pajama company. Their comfort and well-being have always been at the forefront of our mission. 

Additionally, I’m fortunate to have a strong partnership with my mom, with whom I founded this venture. Our shared commitment to family and sustainability has been instrumental in our success.

 Also, my husband, who works full time, has been an invaluable support in building our website and assisting with advertising. His dedication to our business, even while managing a full-time job, has been a testament to the strength of our family bonds.

 In essence, our family’s collaboration and support have been the driving force behind our family-centered business.

What was your motivation to pivot your career to being an mompreneur? 

As a stay-at-home mom, my primary motivation was being present for my children, cherishing their formative years, and ensuring their well-being. 

My younger son’s eczema struggles added a personal mission to the mix. 

Additionally, my close bond with my mom, a shared passion for sustainability, and the dream of creating something meaningful played a crucial role. 

Teaming up with her allowed us to leverage our strengths and experiences, making our venture a cherished family collaboration.

Becoming a ‘mompreneur’ was about balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, blending personal experiences and a love for my family with a desire to create a meaningful, sustainable business. 

It represents a fusion of roles and aspirations, enabling me to make a positive impact in both my family’s life and hopefully the lives of others through our bamboo kids pajama business.

How do you make time for self-care in between all that you have going on? 

After a long day or week, my go-to unwind strategy is to ensure I get some fresh air. Even if it means a trip to the park with my family, being outdoors in the evenings is a non-negotiable for me.

It’s a simple yet effective way to clear my mind, reconnect with nature, and recharge my energy. The change of scenery and the opportunity to spend quality time with my loved ones while enjoying the outdoors make a world of difference in helping me find balance and tranquility

How has motherhood impacted you personally and professionally? 

Motherhood has sharpened my time management, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. Personally, it’s made me more patient, empathetic, and appreciative of life’s small joys. 

Professionally, it motivated me to start a business aligned with my family values, driving me to become a ‘mompreneur’ committed to both providing for my family and creating a meaningful impact in the lives of others through our bamboo kids pajama business.

Is there a promo code or discount code you can offer readers?

Code MOM20 will get 20% off entire order

For some fun chit-chat, now!

  • Favorite East Valley date night activity? For an enjoyable East Valley date night, you can’t go wrong with downtown Gilbert. It’s got that easygoing charm, great food, and a fun vibe that sets the stage for a fantastic night out.
  • Coffee order? Vanilla Iced coffee with cream.
  • Favorite restaurant in the East Valley? We love the small lunch spot Flancers. My husband grew up going there and now we like to grab lunch with our kids there.
  • Greatest challenge in your career thus far? The greatest challenge in my career thus far has been mastering patience. In the pursuit of success, I’ve learned that patience is not only a virtue but also a valuable skill. It’s the ability to keep moving forward, even when the path to success is not as quick or straightforward as I’d like it to be. The journey has taught me that some of the most rewarding accomplishments take time and perseverance.
  • Last Netflix show you binged? Ozark!



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