How to Support a Friend Whose Family is Navigating a Layoff


Layoffs suck. 

Layoffs by the breadwinner of a family with kids suck even more. 

Unfortunately, last year two of our writing team members’ husbands were impacted by layoffs, and it’s hard to know how to best support families you care about during this sensitive, vulnerable time. 

We’re a ride or die group to support each other, but sometimes not knowing how to best support a sensitive family issue paralyzes us by doing nothing, because we’re fearful of doing the wrong thing.

So, we asked both mamas: how can we support you during a layoff, and here’s what they shared.

We hope this helps you support your own, if you find a mama in your village in this life situation.


East Valley Moms

Let them know you’re there for them (without prying)

Some people like to keep these personal family issues to themselves. It feels like the weight of the world is suddenly on their shoulders to keep the family afloat, support the family member who was laid off emotionally, and navigate their finances.

They don’t want to answer questions about it, and really, they just want life to be as normal as possible. However, now is not the time to ghost them, but rather a time to lean in to your friendship. Letting your friend know you’re there for them without meddling in their business helps them to not feel more overwhelmed- or better yet, shut down. 

Schedule free (or mostly free) friend dates

The best thing you can do for your friend is to be a listening ear or a place of escape. This can easily be a TV show marathon at your house with a bottle of wine or a car ride for some fast food and belting Backstreet Boys as you drive around your city.

Plan the date in full so it isn’t another thing added to their current mental load.  And make sure they will not have to consider how much money they have in their account before accepting.

A fun, free friend date is just what they need to either open up about what is going on, or just have some fun in a time that doesn’t feel so fun.

Tell them if you know of job openings

You don’t need to also job hunt for their family member.  However, if you come across a position that fits their career path, let them know. 

Don’t push it further in telling them how great the position would be, that you will help, etc. They just need to know you found something and you can give them the information if they would like it.

They may not need/ want the help, but they might also be upset if you knew of an open position and didn’t tell them. 


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