Tiffany Richardson-Henderson

Tiffany is an AZ transplant mom of 5. She is a beach lover, beauty industry enthusiast, and reality TV connoisseur. Tiffany worked in the Legal field for over a decade, but is now a 4th grade English teacher combining her love for children and learning. Tiffany’s perfect day is swimming in any ocean with margs and dancing after. An aspiring crunchy mom, her goals are to get herself and her family as healthy as possible since health is wealth after all!
The North Pole Experience in Flagstaff Review

The North Pole Experience in Flagstaff Review

Today we're reviewing The North Pole Experience in Flagstaff. If you're curious about what makes this holiday destination different than some of the other Christmas experiences in Northern Arizona, keep reading! Shortly after having my...

Dress for Success Phoenix: Outfitting Moms Reentering The Workforce

Dress for Success Phoenix is a literal Godsend for moms (and all women) entering the workforce. I had no idea about them or their services until I was laid off at the beginning of...
high school seniors moving out

My firstborn is leaving the nest: Here’s how I’m (not) coping

My firstborn is moving out, leaving the nest, spreading her wings. Today I'm sharing how I'm not coping with my oldest moving out. A kid turning 18, graduating high school, and/or moving out of the...

Free Kid’s Events in the Far East Valley: Greater Florence Guide

I moved to the Anthem at Merrill Ranch community in Florence from East Mesa in the middle of 2019. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented me from really exploring my new ‘hood. Mesa spoiled me with a...

A Tea-riffic Birthday Bash

My daughters have had every type of party over the years. So the idea of a traditional Tea Party sounded fun and different for our birthday bash. I found this venue by a simple...