How to Find a Last-Minute Babysitter


how to find a last minute babysitterHow to Find a Last-Minute Babysitter

It’s 5PM on Saturday night, and you have tickets to see Hamilton at ASU Gammage (yes! It’s really coming this season!)  with your husband that starts at 7:30PM. 

All of the sudden you get a text from your sitter saying they won’t be able to make it over to watch your kids. 

Your go-to move is to cancel your plans and stay at home, but you reaaallllyyyy want to see this musical. What do you do? Where do you turn? Who will watch your kids this close to needing to leave?

I have some ideas that might surprise you, but it may take you getting a little out of your comfort zone. I also give you some scripting that might help if you get anxiety from just picking up your phone. 



First on the list- Family

If you’re lucky enough to have family that lives nearby, you’re going to want to call them first. They are more apt to dropping their plans to help you out. Here’s what you do: call them. 

“Hey (insert family member’s name), (insert husbands name) and I have tickets to see Hamilton at 7:30 and our sitter just canceled. We’re desperate, can you help us out tonight?” 

Be prepared to negotiate or even tell them that you’re willing to pay them for their time. 

Next- Close Friends

If you don’t happen to have family nearby, or maybe they also have plans, your friends are a great second choice. You’re also going to need to call them. I know, I just asked you to call your family, but trust me. This way, they can’t pretend like they didn’t see your text. You’re going to use the same script I gave you before:

“Hey (insert friend’s name), (insert husbands name) and I have tickets to see Hamilton at 7:30 and our sitter just canceled. We’re desperate, can you help us out tonight?” 

You are also going to have to negotiate with this one; maybe even offer a night out where you will watch their kids for them. 

If that doesn’t work, ask your community.

This can be your work community, housing division community, church community, or any group you are a part of that is a community of people. 

Most of these might be on Facebook, but you also may have group texts- use these platforms to ask for help. You would be surprised at the responses you may get. Other moms tend to understand it and are more apt to come to your rescue. I have seen significant success with local babysitting groups on Facebook, as well. 

Last ditch effort- the apps

Bambino takes your location, social connections via Facebooks, and recommendations to help you find sitters in your area. 

Care is one of the largest caregiver databases out there.  Their site/app can help you find a last-minute babysitter by comparing profiles and reading reviews from other parents. Rates start at $17.27 per hour.  

Sittercity helps with finding care that you need. You post a job that explains your family’s unique needs and you will get responses from caregivers in your area as fast as booking a car with Uber. 

UrbanSitter uses technology that takes who you know to help provide trusted providers who are highly recommended across the school, neighborhood, church, or parent groups. 

Good luck, and enjoy your night out!

If you’re looking for date night inspiration, here’s a few ideas, too:



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