Best East Valley Sushi Spots for Date Night or Family Dinners


Sushi, it’s one of my favorite foods. Here in the East Valley it’s hard to know what you are going to get when you go to your local sushi spots.

I’m no food blogger, but I’ve dined my way through most local sushi restaurants and have strong opinions about which are worth the splurge that comes with a sushi dinner, which ones are kid-friendly, and which ones to save for date night. 

Here are my top five sushi Restaurants across the East Valley (and one bonus one if you want to drive a little). 




I may be bias since I live in Queen Creek, but I don’t think I am since so many East Valley natives agree that Sushi Creek is some of the best sushi in the East Valley. 

It does frequently have a long wait, and is often too busy for take-out orders, BUT a major plus is that kids eat free on Wednesdays. 

They have a full kids menu that isn’t just sushi, so your kiddo can eat their favorite while you dine on their signature Creek Roll (seriously–be sure to order this). 

They also have an “I hate Sushi” menu if you are like me and have too many friends/family that don’t favor sushi. My friend says they have the best burger in town, so they basically do everything right! 


One of the Sushi places I’ve eaten at the most over the past few years, is Sushi Neko. My husband and I frequently pick up to-go sushi from this hidden gem near where Gilbert, Queen Creek and Chandler collide. 

It’s located on Power and Chandler Heights, and is absolutely amazing. 

You know when you have great sushi TO GO that you’ve hit the jackpot. This little local spot is perfect for my sushi lovers. It has all of your favorite rolls and classics of their own. We’ve never had a roll we didn’t like from Sushi Neko. I’m a Las Vegas Roll fan, and Sushi Neko will not disappoint. 


Masa Sushi located on Gilbert and Guadalupe is the perfect place for a weekly sushi date. 

It’s ALWAYS happy hour at Masa Sushi (ALL DAY, EVERY DAY) which makes it super affordable to hangout frequently. 

The service is always great, and they have complimentary soup and salad for everyone. The sushi choices are endless and they have pictures of EVERY roll on their menu so you know exactly what you are getting. 

They have amazing combos if you are like me, and want to try a little bit of everything. When you’re finished they even bring you a cute orange dessert to wrap up a great meal. (And if you’re not feeling sushi- try the popcorn lobster!)


With happy hour ALMOST all the time, this is another place that I wouldn’t mind being a frequent flyer at. 

The best part about Sushi Ave is that it is one of the few great sushi places with delivery service apps. 

Sushi Ave also has a ton of sushi choices. It’s small, cozy, and has great service from the staff. Sushi Ave has awesome prices at happy hour and is a great place to meet for lunch with their weekday lunch specials. 


TeHaru Sushi is unique in that it has three locations across the East Valley. I’ve only been to one location, so I can’t speak on behalf of all, but TeHaru sushi is extremely affordable and even has a Sushi Conveyor belt. 

It’s good sushi, that is cheap, and there is just something really fun about pulling your sushi off a rotating belt (Am I right?). 

It isn’t the best sushi of my life, but when you can have a great amount of sushi and a drink for $15, it deserves some praise! I could see this being a great little lunch/dinner spot for people who live and work in the area! 

*Bonus* Hiro Sushi | IF YOU WANT A DATE NIGHT

It’s not “technically” in our neck of the woods, since it’s in North(ish) Scottsdale, and I’ll be honest when my friend wanted to take me. I didn’t understand why we would drive so far for sushi. 

But let me tell you, it was the BEST sushi I’ve ever had in my life. If you can make a journey out to Hiro Sushi, you seriously will not be disappointed. I highly recommend you try the Crispy Spicy Tuna roll.

Looking for other fun places where kids eat free in the East Valley? Check here!

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