What We’re Excited for in October…


Lindsay Brueggeman, EVM Advertising Coordinator
Married, Mom of 3 under 3

  • What I’m buying for me: A macro coach! I’m finally getting serious about feeling better in October, and am getting help from people who know more than I do.
  • What I’m buying for the kids: Is it crazy that I’m buying their Christmas presents? All I’ve heard about for the past year is how things have been taking FOREVER to get delivered, so I’ve started buying all the gifts– I’m currently waiting for a little balance beam and balance board to get delivered.
  • What I’m reading: Little Blue Truck in all of it’s forms, but mostly Little Blue Truck’s Halloween. If not that, then it is probably the closed captions on the TV while watching it after the kids climb into bed and fall asleep (Can you tell I have 3 kids, 3 and under?)
  • What’s on my calendar: SO MANY THINGS! October is shaping up to be a good month. I have my sister’s bachelorette party, my 5 year anniversary, and a surprise party for a friend that I am hosting. Top that off with all of the fall activities and this is going to be one of the best months of the year.
  • Where I’m taking my kids: Our neighborhood is having a big fall festival that we are going to take the kids to towards the end of the month, and we plan on going to a few of the pumpkin patches around here too. We are also going to start going to the park at night– it’s finally cool enough when the sun is still out! I’ll be using this post to find the best parks in the East Valley.

Ashley Lessard, Contributor
Married, Mom of 2

  • What I’m buying for me: Coffee! We are still on our family quest to complete the “coffee crawl” of local east valley coffee shops. My list includes 35 local coffee shops, so I have a lot more to try and get to!
  • What I’m buying for the kids: October is full of fun festivals and weekend events for kids around the valley, so I’m buying the kids tickets to various east valley events! One of them is the Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Fall Festival towards the end of the month, and tickets are $2 off online! 
  • What I’m reading: I need a funny light-hearted motherhood pick me up, so I’m going to be reading Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths. Review to come! 
  • What’s on my calendar: October is PACKED. We are going to Disneyland at the beginning of the month, and every weekend after that is full. We are definitely attending EVM’s Hanging with Heroes Event on October 16. Along with the Vintage and Vino Fall Market and Queen Creek Trunk or Treat on October 16th
  • Where I’m taking my kids: We will definitely be hitting up at LEAST one pumpkin patch this month. Probably Mother Nature’s Farm in Gilbert. I love it because a small pumpkin is included with admission and my kids love all the play areas and animals. We also love Vertuccio Farms, although I find it ideal for kids a tad older than mine! If we have time we will make it over there as well because my daughter loves their corn maze. 

Kayla Lindholm, Contributor
Married, Mom of 4

  • What I’m buying for me: Do you ever feel like you’re needs are put on the back burner as a mom? This month I’m on the hunt for a pair of new sandals. It seems as though I’m constantly buying my kids new shoes, but never my own. Even though it’s going to be cooling off, I wear sandals all year around and it’s time to retire my current pair for some that aren’t falling apart. 
  • What I’m buying for the kids: I’m surprising my 10 year old with a trip to Disneyland! So I’ll be buying her some new Disney clothes, and I’m sure we will bring back souvenirs for the rest of the kids. Can’t leave them out!
  • What I’m reading: This month I’m ready The Return by Nicholas Sparks. He is one of my favorite authors and I love to read. I’m going to try to take more time to put my phone down and read. I do so much mindless scrolling that doesn’t really serve me.
  • What’s on my calendar: This month my kids and I have fall break, so we are excited to hit up all the pumpkin festivals and enjoy the cooler weather! We’re kicking the season off with a cabin trip to Heber-Overguard, and I can’t wait to soak in the cooler weather and beautiful scenery!
  • Where I’m taking my kids: During the month of October we love hitting up all the fall festivals and pumpkin patches. We’re hoping to make it to Vertuccio, Schnepf Pumpkin and Chili Party and Mother Natures Farm.


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