Disney Family Date Night: Hocus Pocus


Welcome back to our year-long adventure! I hope you’re enjoying our new Disney Family Disney Night series! For the month of October, I decided to go with a spooktacular favorite- Hocus Pocus

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October Movie: Hocus Pocus! 

Craft: Handprint Witches!

I absolutely love how these handprint witches turned out! All I used was heavy white paper, paint (green, black, orange, and yellow) markers (black, orange, and yellow), and googly eyes. We started in the middle of the paper with Winifred. I painted the palm of my daughter’s hand green, and her four fingers orange (left her thumb blank) and pressed down. Next we did Mary to the left, We again painted the palm green, and her fingers black (left the thumb blank again) and pressed down. Finally we did Sarah, painted the palm green and all 5 fingers yellow and pressed down her hand upside down to the right. We let our handprints dry and then drew on some mouths and noses. Glued on our eyes, and drew their hair in around the fingerprints. We ended up with the cutest little handprint hocus pocus witches.

Sensory Fun: Witches Brew Slime!

I’ve truly always been afraid of slime. For some reason in my mind I just envisioned it ending up all over and being so sticky and gross. But when it’s halloween time, it just felt like the only sensory option was something gross. I found the most fun witches brew slime recipe here, and gave it a whirl. It truly was not as bad as I had always envisioned. All you needed was some elmers glue slime kits, a bowl, a spatula, Googly eyes and a plastic cauldron. 

Personally I didn’t want tiny cauldrons that were used in the link, so I got a big cauldron and tripled the slime, honestly probably even could have quadrupled it, but you are free to do as much or as little as you want!

Activity: Witch hat ring toss! 

Keeping it super simple again! For this months fun family activity we played Witch hat ring toss, now you can totally make this as easy or as difficult as you want depending on the age of your family members, but I decided to keep it simple for my two toddlers. I bought a pack of witch hats (which doubled as awesome Halloween decor afterwards by hanging them from the ceiling with fish line)  and some colorful diving rings that were on sale post-summer. We laid out the witch hats around the room and took turns trying to throw the diving rings to land around the witch hats! 

Simple and fun- it definitely helped my kids with the depth perception and fine motor skills! You can definitely amp it up for older kids by adding different sizes or putting hats in different areas. 

You could also add point values to add a math component! 

Treat:  Book of the Dead Treats!

If you’re like me, maybe you aren’t the best baker. But no one can mess up a good-old fashioned rice Krispy treat (and if you can, you can always buy them already made lol!). All you need to make these adorable book of the dead treats are rice krispy treats (or stuff to make rice krispy treats), chocolate, black cookie icing, and candy eyeballs. Start by melting your chocolate, then carefully dip your rice krispy treat on one side into the chocolate to coat it. Lay the chocolate dipped rice krispy out on a pan to cool. Once the chocolate has hardened, you can draw on the book stitches/details with your black cookie icing! Place on candy eye on each treat, and ta da! You have your book of the dead treat ready for a great hocus pocus movie night! 

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