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Kayla Lindholm

Kayla Lindholm
Kayla is a mom to four - including twins, and an Arizona native. She loves Disney, fall, hot chocolate and any moment of peace she can get. Her and her husband have been married for 14 years and they love taking vacations as a family.

3 Easy Family Date Ideas We’ve Planned for You

Grandma Ginger’s post in January about dates got me thinking. Yes, we all know it’s important to date your spouse (shoutout to Friday We’re in Love if you need inspiration in this arena, she’s...

Cookies for a Cause: Where Girl Scouts Cookie Funds Go

As a mom, I hadn’t really given Girl Scouts much thought until my nine-year-old daughter was invited to join troop that included most of her friends. I had no idea my daughter would get...

Things I Have Learned from Making My Bed

I have never been one to make my bed.  I always found it silly because you are literally just going to mess it up again when you go to bed.  When I got married...

It’s Hard Work, but I Love Having Twins

If you're new around here, I am a mom to 4, including 3 year-old twins. I have shared a lot of my experiences with twins, including the ups and downs of day to day...

Accepting Help Even When it’s Hard

I recently fractured my ankle, which required me to be in a boot for four weeks. Not only was getting around extremely difficult, I was also instructed by my doctor to not drive. As...