What We’re Excited for in November


    Amy McConnell, Chief Curator
    Mom to Mav

    • What I’m buying for me: Family photos (and a new outfit to go with it!) We really like Bailey Wilson Photography, and mention East Valley Moms for $20 off minis with her!
    • What I’m buying for the kids: My go-to gift this year for local kids is going to be Pogo Passes; just waiting for their next sale to snag a handful!
    • What I’m reading: The Read Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie. I grew up a vivacious reader and I am being intentional about hopefully setting up my son to be the same!
    • What’s on my calendar: It’s rodeo season in Arizona! Thanksgiving weekend is The Navajo Nation Queen Creek PBR at the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre featuring the top bull riders in the world taking on the highest ranked bucking bulls in America.
    • Where I’m taking my kids: Children’s Dental Village for his six-month check-up. Maverick has chipped two teeth, so we’re constantly monitoring them to make sure the gums don’t reject them, plus it’s recommended to get kids in a routine of visiting the dentist as soon as they have teeth to get them comfortable with the experience (plus, we’ll get to see contributor Jessica when we’re there!)

    Cara Lespron, Site Manager
    Married, mom of two

    • What I’m buying for me: Boots! I have had my eyes on a beautiful pair of Doc Marten’s since last year and have major regrets about not getting them. I am obsessed right now and just need to go buy them and enjoy the cooler months when I can actually wear them.
    • What I’m buying for the kids: My daughter turns 7 this months, so birthday presents are on the list. She really wants a pair of Crocs with charms and some new books to read. I also need to press “checkout” on Amazon and get the bulk of the kids’ Christmas shopping done. My son is getting some tee-ball equipment and both kids are getting wireless headphones. I struggle so much with other gifts for my daughter since her birthday is so close to Christmas, but I’m leaning toward an experience with her, like a mini spa day and a movie or something.
    • What I’m reading: The Push by Ashley Audrain has been sitting out for over a month and I’m only a few chapters in.
    • What’s on my calendar: November is jam-packed for us. We’re taking a trip to Mexico with our extended family. My daughter has a pretty epic party planned at The Pink Teapot that she can’t stop talking about. We also celebrate my husband’s birthday this month. Not to mention Thanksgiving! My brother and sister in law just built a beautiful home at the base of the Superstitions and they’re hosting this year to break in their new home.
    • Where I’m taking my kids: Mexico! A much overdue beach vacation for us. I am looking forward to some relaxing and getting in the right headspace for all the upcoming holiday fun because you know it’s mama that makes the magic happen.

    Lindsay Olivarez, contributor
    Married, mom of two girls

    • What I’m buying for me: I think I’m finally ready to pull the trigger on a new phone. My current phone is older than my youngest child (by a lot) and I just couldn’t justify adding that monthly cost to our bill… but I’m ready to take some nice nighttime photos and see through a screen without a crack in it!
    • What I’m buying for the kids: I’ve GOT to get a jump on Christmas shopping! My youngest just turned 3 last month and the Picasso Tiles magnet tiles we got her were the runaway hit!! I’m thinking we’ll put an expansion kit under the tree. I have no idea what to do for my 8 1/2 year old daughter, whatcha got for ideas, mamas??
    • What I’m reading: I’m still chewing through former President Obama’s book, A Promised Land. I’m admittedly a slow reader, so this 700+ pager is taking me a while. It’s an interesting behind the scenes view of running for office and then actually being in office – the good, the bad, and the “oh man I remember when THAT happened!
    • What’s on my calendar: My husband turns the big 4-0 this month!!! We’re still working out the details for a big celebration.
    • Where I’m taking my kids: Parks!! All the parks!!!!! The beautiful weather is here, friends, let’s make the best of it!! We just started a play group with my little’s preschool class that is planning to meet up at Desert Breeze Park in Chandler – it happens to be her favorite because of the huge play area, the swings, and easy access to the train and carousel!


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