Sanity Savers for this School Year: Beehive, the app that’s simplifying parenting


Today we’re chatting about a few of my sanity savers during the first weeks of school, including Beehive, a new app that’s simplifying parenting.

At our house we have two working parents, two kids, one dog, one fish, one bearded dragon – and I’m only a little bit crazy. 

These are seven things I have found that keep me sane during our crazy (but fun-filled and totally worth it) weeks, including this new app, Beehive, that’s a game changer for busy families. Keep reading to receive a limited-time discount for up to 67% off your first year, depending on the size of your family. 


Savannah Ivanitski

  • sanity saversTrack Progress

Measure what matters, and this school year, I’m collecting all my kids’ progress, scores and successes in one, easy-to-reference spot for both my husband and me to access anytime. Beehive, a new app that’s simplifying parenting, allows us to quickly see a holistic picture of each boy’s progress with data that makes actual sense to me (not a data scientist) and it stays with us their entire school career, not just for this academic year.   

  • Find an Auntie Megan

We don’t have family in the state, and some days that’s a struggle. 

Megan was the first friend I made when we moved to Arizona, and she’s my rock. (Here’s tips on making mom friends when you have littles, if you haven’t found your Auntie Megan yet.)

When my three-year-old locked us out of the house without any shoes on? I called Auntie Megan. 

She’s come over when my husband was out of town and I was attacked by the stomach flu. 

Having someone that I can lean on and ask for help really helps – because as much as I would love to, I can’t do it all every day.

  • Prioritize Time Management & ME Time

There is a lot that needs to happen in a week between our work schedules, my husband’s consulting job, our attempt at a social life, and the household chores. Not to mention staying on top of all the kids’ upcoming assignments, tests, extracurricular activities, and appointments.

The only way that I have found for us to get everything done is by focusing on time management and taking time to prepare for each week. 

Beehive allows me to quickly enter these events from the palm of my hand while they are top of mind. Each Sunday I get a notification with my week at a glance which helps put the upcoming week in perspective, and serves as a good reminder to communicate with the family and make sure nothing was missed. 

Beehive also allows us to carve out some “Me Time” (which is usually 90-minutes at the gym every morning) all in the same app.  All these events can be synced to my calendar so that my husband and I can be organized and on the same page.

  • Meal Prep

I only do our grocery shopping on the weekends because it just won’t happen during the week. We plan ahead our dinners, we always meal prep our lunches, and make sure we go through our game plan for the week.

Looking ahead allows my hubby and I to be on the same page, but it also ensures that I can build in some time for myself into the week. 

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. (Here’s our best meal prep hacks).

  • Get help when you need it

sanity saversSometimes when we see the first signs of our kids needing extra support in a subject in school, it can be stressful. Where do I go? What should I do? Is this resource I found online any good?

Beehive Growth Plans mean no longer relying on guesswork or having to chase down third-party recommendations for supplemental learning content. Beehive Growth Plans are self-paced micro-learning lessons created and structured for you by their team of former educators and are common core aligned. And, each Growth Plan is recommended based on your child’s unique needs and interests.

  • Appreciate your teammate

My husband and I are a team and we both have to work hard to keep our home running. 

Without his support, I’d be lost, and without me, he would never have any clean clothes – so it works. 😉 

Every day we both work at learning how to communicate better. I’ve also found it goes a long way to slow down, say thank you, and appreciate the crazy life we’ve built together.

  • When in doubt, drink more coffee

This one is an obvious one for a lot of mamas out there, but I couldn’t create this post without giving coffee the attention it deserves. 

Coffee is a habit that helps me start my day, and I am a better mama when on Saturday morning when I have had some quiet time with my coffee before the tiny humans wake up.

And, if you’re trying to get a cup of coffee and a few things done with kids in tow, check out Chandler’s Sozo Coffeehouse, with a kids room for kids to play while you drink your coffee in peace.

  • Get the Beehive app today! 

Download Beehive today by visiting the product page link below or by searching for ‘Beehive – Parenting Simplified’ in the app stores and receive up to 67% off during the 1st year depending on the size of your household. Simply enter promo code MOMC23 when selecting your in-app subscription plan. Act now because this limited-time offer expires 9/8/23! 
For more information, visit the Beehive website:
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