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tips for parents navigating mental illness with their kids

Tips for Parents Navigating Mental Illness with Their Kids

Guest Post by Rhonda Thompson, Author of The Silent ScreamingI have been a nurse for almost three decades with the majority of that specializing in pediatrics. My husband and I began raising my nephew...

Sanity Savers for this School Year: Beehive, the app that’s simplifying parenting

Today we’re chatting about a few of my sanity savers during the first weeks of school, including Beehive, a new app that’s simplifying parenting. At our house we have two working parents, two kids, one...

Grandma Guest Post: 5 Imaginative Play Boxes for Grandkid Visits

As a retired Early Childhood educator and grandma to four, I have long known the importance of imaginative play.  As a mother, and now grandmother, I truly understand the importance and the deep connections...
junior high

Helping Kids Transition into Junior High: Tips from a principal and a mom

Guest Post By: Beverly Nichols As the principal of Queen Creek Junior High School, I bring a unique perspective on what it takes for students to transition from elementary school to junior high. This upcoming...

Grandma Guest Post: Slaying the Sleepover at Grandma’s

When my children were little, they always referred to my mother as “the fun Grandma.” Grandma could make anything fun, especially sleepovers at her house. She had plenty of games and activities to keep...