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Dressing Up in December: One Mesa Mom and Her Daughter get Fancy for a...

Guest Post by Kristen Benavides December. The word alone springs a thousand juggling thoughts into any mom’s mind: how to balance holiday parties and special home dinners, buying presents and hand-making gifts, making every moment...

Young Student Finds Healthcare Calling at EVIT

Guest Post By CeCe Todd, East Valley Institute of Technology Over the next few months, we'll be sharing student success stories about how local students have pursued their passions with the help of specialized programs...
Stop Telling Me My Children Don't Look Alike

Stop Telling Me My Children Don’t Look Alike

One of my biggest pet peeves, something that brings out my anxiety, is someone telling me my children do not look alike. Well thank you captain obvious. I have one child with blonde hair, blue eyes;...

The things I miss about Arizona- by Laura Shivers

It’s that time of year when you are probably wondering why in the world you live in AZ! While 100+ is nothing to joke about, I can tell you first hand that the Grand...

5 helpful nursing tips for new moms-by Jill Esteban

We love local momma bloggers and today Jill from You, Me and Capri has some great information for new moms who are entering the world of nursing!    Becoming a mother in 2013 has been one...