How to Make Mom Friends for Moms with Young Kids


mom friendsLet’s be real, the journey into motherhood is magical but also very isolating. Especially when you’re the first of your friends to have a baby or you just don’t have mom friends. You need someone to talk to and process what changes you’re going through. You NEED someone who understands. 

While I love my own mom, and can talk to her about anything. It’s been a long time since she had a kid and times have changed.  I needed mom friends and I didn’t know how to find them. 

I joined every mom related activity I could find, it’s actually how I ended up here at East Valley Moms 6 years ago. 

So now I want to help you! I want to help you find the adult conversation and loving mom friend you need. So I asked my fellow writers how they found their mom friends! 

I hope their resources help you find your village!! 

XO, Ashley

Kids classes and activities

Megan, Mom of 2:

MOPS MOPS MOPS!!!! Here’s our local chapter, if you’d like to join a Chandler group of 80+ moms (and yes, there’s AM and PM time slots). You can make mom friends anywhere just by being open to chat with other moms you see with kids your age and being the brave one to take the first step and invite someone to a playdate or out for coffee. Put the dang phone down, stop scrolling and put yourself out there! 

Lindsay, Mom of 2:

I’ve met a couple of very good friends by just chatting with the moms at my kids’ activities and schools! I met fellow contributor Megan in Musicology classes and that’s even how I joined EVM! We’re also very close with a family we met when my oldest was a year and a half old. They were in swim lessons together from then until Ellary was seven years old, and now the girls are now almost 10 and we routinely get together with their family, go camping together, etc. Just being open to chat with folks tends to help you get to know each other!

Online groups 

Amy, Mom of 1:

Shameless plug, but creating more opportunities for connection between moms is one of the reasons East Valley Moms exist! Join us on an upcoming mommy + me hiking meet up, show up for one of our moms night out, or just slide into our DMs and we’ll get you connected with like-minded, local moms.

Jessica, Mom of 2:

I met my twin moms group (worldwide) in 2012 on and then we moved to Facebook. A core group (7 of us) get together every summer for a moms trip. We travel all over the country. It’s been the best trip every year to decompress. My best advice for making real friends in an online group: show up, put yourself out there and be consistent. 

Another reason to join a gym: mom friends

Kim, Mom of 5:

I have found my gym to be a wonderful place to find fellow mom friends. I attend the same time every day and started to find familiar faces and we began chatting during camp and then more so after camp and then it turned to phone numbers exchanged and then coffee dates and most recently a holiday gathering. We all have kids with ages that vary and are able to share and relate on so many levels that bring us closer. I’m so thankful that my healthy lifestyle has brought me likeminded friends. 

Neighborhood Friendships

Kira, Mom of 4: 

Our old neighborhood girl gang was a catalyst for mom friendships (and for my daughters!). All the moms bonded from the girls playing with each other. Even since we moved from the neighborhood, the friendship has lasted, for both the kids and moms.  

Amanda, Mom of 4:

I found a great mom friend just by going outside and meeting my neighbors! I have knocked on doors with Rice Krispie treats before, no shame in my game. I also have met other great mom friends from community groups at my church and my kids football events. 
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