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Kira Henning

Kira is the busy mama of three chicks and a new baby boy. A project manager by day and yoga instructor by night, she seeks balance through fitness, food, and impromptu family room dance parties. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Pandemic Pregnancy: Kira’s Delivery in July 2020 at Banner Gateway

I shared what it was like to be pregnant in the thick of the pandemic last year, unsure of what the rest of my pregnancy and delivery would look like as it see med...

Exploring Extracurriculars: How a Local Children’s Theater Coached Confidence into my Timid Daughter

When my oldest daughter was 9, she asked Santa to bring her confidence for Christmas. Along with a polaroid camera (which she did get) and a dog (which she did not get), my sweet...

Birthday Bash: Dive in Movie Party (Almost!)

Summer birthdays can be a challenge for kids. Without school in session and all the family vacations that take place in those months, coordinating efforts to host a big party doesn’t always seem possible/worth...

10 Tips for Road Trip Survival from a Mom of Four

Road trips are awesome. From the snacks, to the music, to the stuff you see between point A and point B, they are just the best. Wait…that is a description of one WITHOUT kids. The...

Exploring Colorado: Family Camp Vibes at the YMCA of the Rockies

Having lived in the Midwest most of my life, I previously could not imagine a desire to “escape the heat” of Arizona summers. I mean…hot weather is FAR superior to cold weather IMO (thus...