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Kira Henning

Kira is the busy mama of three chicks and a new baby boy. A project manager by day and yoga instructor by night, she seeks balance through fitness, food, and impromptu family room dance parties. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Explore Arizona: A Southern AZ, All-Inclusive, Dude Ranch for the Family

As a family of six, we love a good staycation or quick road trip. Something that gets you out of the mundane, but doesn’t require a daunting plane ride with four kids. We have done...

Everyday Living in a Vacation Destination

Residing in Arizona is the best. The weather is amazing. The landscape is beautiful. There is so much to do and see. Thus, why we traded the Midwest for the Southwest a few years...

EVM’s Guide to the Ultimate Spring Break Staycation at Home

“Are we there yet?” If your idea of a fun spring break does not include hearing that question on repeat, we've got you covered! Creating lasting spring break memories doesn’t have to include long...

Empathy into Action: Finding the Best Way to Help Our Daughter with Anxiety

I wrote a letter to my daughter a few years back on her 8th birthday. In it, I captured my struggle to help her with her anxiety and my feelings of frustration around only...

Some Tips for Caring or Helping Someone with COVID-19

Given that we are closing in on the one year mark of living through a global pandemic and cases in Arizona are on the rise, likely you or someone you know has been impacted...