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Kira Henning

Kira is the busy mama of three chicks and a new baby boy. A project manager by day and yoga instructor by night, she seeks balance through fitness, food, and impromptu family room dance parties. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

5 Reasons Yoga is Great for New Moms

I don’t exactly remember when I first started yoga. It was sometime in high school, likely prompted by my mom. I do recall checking out a Denise Austin VHS from our public library (file...
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Escape Local: Staycation Options in Your Own Backyard

My family loves a good staycation. Perhaps it is our Midwest roots, but any kind of trip that is within driving distance from our home is generally the best travel option for our family...
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Can We Stop Playing the Postpartum Shame Game?

I gave birth to a beautiful, 9 lb, 21 inch baby boy this summer. Lucky to have had a smooth, relatively easy pregnancy (pandemic aside), I was equally grateful for an uneventful c-section and...

Distance Learning and Doing Okay

Long before the days of COVID-19, here is how I envisioned the 20-21 school year starting: Husband would go to work. I would drop my big kids, grades 5th, 2nd, and 1st, off at...
Traveling abroad with kids

Traveling Abroad with Kids…Someday

*Note - I wrote this post shortly after our October trip abroad - long before COVID, quarantine, and hesitancy to leave your house, let alone the country. I have no idea when this post...