4 Ways To Spot an Authentic Montessori Education


MontessoriRecently on an instagram poll we did, so many of you agreed that researching education options are really overwhelming, and you’re unsure where to start, or where to look. Like 85% of you guys said that! 

UGH, we feel the same way! 

School choice feels like one of the largest decisions we make for our children. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the options out there–from types of education philosophies to size of classes to how much to emphasize music, or other focused areas of study.

Today, we’re sharing with you a few helpful tips on researching Montessori schools, as a lot of our readers have expressed interest in this education philosophy. 

We’re no expert ourselves, so we’ve turned to Wonderland Montessori, which offers infant through kindergarten education for children in Gilbert, Arizona. 


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What’s the difference between mainstream and Montessori education? 

This chart sums up the differences in an easy-to-digest manner, but in a nutshell, Montessori principles of teaching focus on multimodal learning in a mixed age, community classroom (typically 3 year age groups per classroom, such as 3-6 year olds) with certified teachers to guide children through learning at their own pace.

Typically the set-up of Montessori classrooms make them easy to spot, but we’ll talk you through some of the sure signs to evaluate as you tour schools and narrow down the school that’s the best option for your child.

What do school schedules look like?

At Wonderland Montessori, we follow a traditional Monday through Friday, five-day/week schedule. As an authentic Montessori school, Wonderland’s classrooms include multi-age groupings; students engage in uninterrupted work periods using specially designed Montessori learning materials. These are all components to look for when evaluating Montessori schools.

Uninterrupted periods of study is a crux of a Montessori education; ask for each classroom’s timeslots of focused work time during your tour.

What will a classroom look like?

Perhaps the greatest testimonial to the success is Montessori student work. Ask to look at current students’ work: The quality, creativity, and cross-disciplinary nature of the class work speaks to the intelligence and curiosity of the Montessori students that created it.

An authentic Montessori classroom will:: 

  • Feature a mixed, three-year age group in each class
  • Have an appropriate number of children to ensure social development
  • Be driven by a three-hour uninterrupted work period in the morning and at least two hours in the afternoon
  • Have a complete set of approved materials for each class 

What type of curriculum should I look for at a Montessori school?

Montessori schools teach the same basic skills as traditional schools, and offer a rigorous academic program. Most of the subject areas are familiar—such as math, science, history, geography, and language—but they are presented through an integrated approach that brings separate strands of learning together.

While studying a map of Africa, for example, students may explore the art, history, and inventions of several African nations. This may lead them to examine ancient Egypt, including hieroglyphs and their place in the history of writing. The study of the pyramids, of course, is a natural bridge to geometry. This approach to curriculum shows the interrelatedness of all things. It also allows students to become thoroughly immersed in a topic — and to give their curiosity full rein.

How to enroll in a Montessori school

At Wonderland Montessori, it’s three steps:

  1. First, schedule a tour online to meet with our admissions team.
  2. Following your tour, fill out your child’s https://www.wonderlandmontessori.com/online-application 
  3. Once your application has been processed, we will schedule your child’s pre-enrollment meeting with a guide.
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