Honest Thoughts on Popular Children’s Books


If you’re anything like me, your kid wants to read the same book over and over. And over. And over. I’m a little embarrassed at how many children’s books I can recite from memory, but they love them and hey! That’s just what moms do.

But over the hours of flipping through these all familiar pages, I’ve gotten to really think about some of these stories and characters. And I gotta be honest, I have some feelings about some of them! So, here are my honest thoughts on some of the classics.

My honest opinions on popular children books


Little Blue Truck

Such a great tale of how kindness pays off in the long run. But guys, the shaaaaaaaaaade in the middle! “And his big, important wheels got stuck!” I LOL’d in real life and I am SO here for it! Also, go on with your bad self, big green toad! That’s how I feel when I open a jar of peanut butter by myself when my husband is at work! #guns

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

What a fun and different introduction to the alphabet. However, that darned letter “A” is that kid we all know and you always wonder “Where are your parents, crazy pants?!” Forever getting your sweet angel into trouble that you then have to go bail them out of. But when you also have to call in reinforcements from “uncles and aunts,” you know it’s a doozy! I also have this book to thank for the phrase that haunts my dreams. #skitskatskoodledootflipflopFLEE

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Can anyone not relate here? You try to eat healthier only to realize that just one apple isn’t enough. Neither is two pears. Or three plums. And we all eventually get to Saturday. Saturday needs no explanation. We’ve all shamefully been there. Only to get back to Sunday and have a salad. I feel ya, little guy! But come on, bro! Then you’re gonna tell me, “He was a big, fat caterpillar.” #tooreal #notcoolman

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Great way to learn colors and animals. But can we talk about the end with the teacher ? “I see children looking at me.” #creepy This one always gives me a very Haley Joel Osment in the The Sixth Sense vibes. Also, I feel like “goldfish” is a bit of a stretch for the pattern of this book. Just my personal opinion.

The Wonky Donkey

This book deserves every award in existence! #EGOT status plus whatever else we can give it! To be honest, this poor donkey is looking pretty jacked up by the end. It kinda makes you wonder, what turns did he take in his life to end up like this? I mean, he seems happy with himself, but he definitely looks like he’s been through some stuff. All that aside, I think it is so witty and clever! There’s also a song that goes with it and this hysterical video of a Scottish grandma reading it that I just can’t get enough of! #heehaw

Goodnight Moon

This is the coup de gras for me! I have so. many. questions. about this one. What were you actually smoking when you wrote this? I have absolutely zero clue what this book is about. It sounds like what a toddler does to try to stall bedtime by telling you a really long story with no detail spared and then insists on saying goodnight to every tiny thing he sees. “Goodnight nobody?! “Goodnight air?!” #nicetrykiddo Go to bed.


Did I miss one of your favorites? What other children’s book has you feeling things that need to be discussed?



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