Most Colorful Party Ever! The Crayola Experience

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Most Colorful Party Ever! The Crayola Experience

My daughter has an August birthday. This is our Achilles heel when planning birthdays for her in Arizona in the summer. We are always looking for creative ideas to keep kids cool and entertained, enter the Crayola Experience.

Not only is this a fun experience, but there is enough to do to spend at least half a day there. If you ever have gone to a birthday where everything is run like a machine, you know how it feels when the party is over, a whirlwind of activities that you didn’t feel like you had enough time to enjoy. Well, this was not that type of party.

The Crayola experience is the self proclaimed, “most colorful party ever”! There is over 20,000 square feet of creative fun including 19 hands-on attractions.

Admittedly, we arrived SUPER late (like 20 minutes, which I will apologize again to the ladies at Crayola). Yet, the gals there were not only super understanding because if we are being honest, what mother isn’t a frazzled mess on her child’s birthday, but they kept everything on pace and didn’t miss a beat. 

The first Crayola store opened in Easton, PA. Since then, five other stores have opened and the Chandler, AZ is number 5, opening this past May. There are stores in The Florida Mall , Orlando, Florida (2015), Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota (2016), The Shops at Willow Bend , Plano, Texas (2018) and from the time Jicelle passed by one day at the mall, she decided she wanted her birthday there. They weren’t even open yet.

Upon arrival, they tagged the kiddos with wristbands (different colors for different party groups of course). The guests received a Crayola Experience bag with two coins for the two attractions that require them, as well as there was some initial play time until the guests were rounded up to go into the party room. The kids ate first and the offerings vary on the birthday package chosen. For our party, the pizza, soda and cake were included. The only option that was not offered was varying types of decorations but the room is so colorful and fun, that not much was
needed. We provided some balloons for fun.

After the kids ate and celebrated with cake, the staff did a modeling class with the model magic clay. The kids made fun renditions of penguins and it was cool to see the varying interpretations. We ran a little over time but the staff was very cool about it. We Finished up out in the main area opening presents. They gave us the option to take them with us or open them there but Jicelle can never wait. They used a large bin to gather all of the gifts so that nothing got left behind.

The party wrapped up and the kids were left to run and play as they wished. We finished up at the gift shop which is hard to miss because it seems it is almost the size of the Crayola Experience itself!

Come and see what a Crayola Experience is like for yourself. You can purchase discounted tickets >>HERE<<

If you are looking for a well priced, low maintenance way to celebrate a birthday, packages begin around $350 and include admission for 24 guests. You can reach out to them directly for pricing and information.


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