Grand Canyon Deer Farm With Kids


Today we’re sharing all about the Grand Canyon Deer Farm, a popular roadside attraction near Williams, Arizona. 

Whether you’re headed up to the Grand Canyon in the summer, or the Polar Express or Flagstaff in the winter, the deer farm is a fun attraction year round for families and offers so much more than just meeting deer.

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm is ten acres of animal encounters. Beyond feeding the deer, you’ll meet llamas, wallabies, reindeer, bison, and more.

The main attraction of the deer farm, however, are the deer. TONS of them

Keep reading for what to expect, what to pack and tips for every age of kid.


East Valley Moms 

Honestly, I’m not sure who loves this more–the adults or the kids. It’s so much fun getting up close and interacting with the deer, since usually in the wild they’re skittish. Depending on the time of year, you may even see a few baby deer in the herd to feed as well. 

One more thing to be aware of: the farm is a working farm where these deer really live, so there’s mud, dirt, etc. A few of the deer may nibble on your clothing and shoes as well, so this is an adventure to wear play clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty. 

Where is the Grand Canyon Deer Farm?

Grand Canyon Deer Farm With KidsThe Grand Canyon Deer Farm is just minutes away from the highway, making it an easy stop on a longer road trip. We’ve used it to break up the drive all the way to the Grand Canyon.

They have great parking, and a lot for RVs/campers as well, in case you need a larger parking space. 

Between the parking lot and gift shop there are picnic tables where we’ve had picnic lunches, as well as a few old tractors and photo opps. (There isn’t food sold there, and there isn’t much for miles around, so a picnic lunch (or snacks) is your best bet. 

The full experience is outside without much cover, so if the weather is bad, you may want to try again a different day. Also, check their website or Instagram on bad weather days to confirm that they’re open.

What age is best for taking kids to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm? 

Amy: I took my son when he was 2 and again when he was 3 ½, and he loved it both times. However, the deer understand that the humans have food for them, and are quite bold in nosing around for food, which frustrated my son when he was 3 ½ and he wanted to feed them himself because deer kept knocking the food out of his hand, or nosing him in the back to demand their feed. (They’re very friendly, just bold in what they want!).

At first I was nervous to have my son feed them, but the staff assured me this breed of deer’s teeth don’t pose a threat. 

How much is the Grand Canyon Deer Farm?

Grand Canyon Deer Farm With KidsAdult tickets are $16 and kids ages 3-13 are $9, plus the cost of feed, which is a few bucks. The Grand Canyon Deer Farm is privately owned and doesn’t receive any funds, so ticket sales go directly towards feeding and caring for all the animals on the farm.

Tickets are purchased inside the gift shop upon entering. There’s also restrooms here, along with hand washing stations outside closer to the animals. 

Mom hack: Tickets are good all day, including re-entry, just keep your receipt to show upon return. 

If you’re looking for other fun activities nearby, check out our review of the Polar Express in Williams here, and we’re working on a full review of Bearizona!


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