Best Thrifting In The East Valley


In my humble opinion, there are two types of people: Those who thrift and those who do not yet thrift. I know that once you experience the magic of the hunt, you can never go back.

While thrift stores offer a large array of treasures (my husband would tell you that “treasures” might be a stretch), one of the easiest things to thrift is clothing. 

From high quality pieces, to super weird sequined dresses from the 80’s, you can find everything second hand.

And maybe it’s “girl math” but buying clothes from thrift stores for you and your family frees up a lot of money for more important purchases; Like coffee. 

So, if you’re new to the game, here are a few of my favorite tips. 




Best Thrifting In The East ValleyIf you sign up online, Goodwill sends out a monthly coupon via email that you can use to get 20% off an entire purchase. Additionally, Goodwill marks a different color of tag 50% off each week. The schedule is on their website and is also posted at the entrance of each store. 

When gearing up for your adventure, make sure to wear tight clothes (think a tank top and bike shorts/leggings) and to put your hair up. This will make it much easier to try things on without having to go full commando. Most Goodwills have their dressing rooms closed, so be prepared to get dressed in the aisle. All is fair in love and war. 


If you’re up for it, look at all of the clothes, even if they aren’t in the specific size that you are looking for. Pieces can sometimes get sorted incorrectly and you can get lucky. And depending on you or your kid’s style, upsized pieces can still be fun. I have plenty of XL-2XL pieces that I love even though I normally wear a large. 

In order to speed up the search, only look for fabrics, patterns and colors that you or your kids will actually wear. 

I know that I probably won’t ever wear anything silk, bright blue, or chevron, so I can breeze past those items. I also only wear midi and maxi dresses, so I can look at the hems of the dresses below the rack to see if any are long enough to fit my tastes before pulling them out. 

I personally don’t like to thrift “fast” fashion (think SHEIN). 

Best Thrifting In The East ValleyYou’ll find a ton of it in thrift stores and it just isn’t worth it. Look for high quality, well made pieces that you know will last. Looking at the tags and finding name brands is generally a sure-fire way to ensure quality. 

Be sure to look for wear and tear. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve come home with a phenomenal piece just to realize that it has a weird stain on it or a ripped crotch. This rings especially true for kid’s clothing. 

One more hack: for seasonal kids clothing, shop ahead of the season. I swopped in and scored all my son’s long pants for the winter season in about September before many were shopping for (Arizona) winter clothing. I went back mid winter to add to his closet, and they were sold out of boys pants. 

Remember to get creative! Big T-shirts can be cropped with a good pair of scissors for your kids. Sweatshirts can be dyed if you hate the color. A silk nightshirt can make a super cute top for a night out. 


Wash everything immediately once you get home. Trust me, it’s for the best.

If anything doesn’t work out, you can 100% return it as long as you hang on to your receipt. 


Best Thrifting In The East ValleyAbout 70% of my wardrobe has been purchased second hand. My thrifted pieces include name brands like Lululemon, The North Face, Loft, and Aerie alongside a bunch of cool vintage pieces.  

Does thrifting your clothes take more work than shopping Amazon or Target?  Absolutely. But you are doing your wallet and the planet a HUGE service by giving clothing a second life. So, if you haven’t already, give it a shot. Happy thrifting, friends!


Locally, I love to shop any and all Goodwills, especially ones in an area I’m not normally in if I have some time to kill, etc.

You can also find some really cool stuff at Thrift 360 (two Mesa locations, one Gilbert location) and Deseret Industries (Mesa and Gilbert locations).


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