Today I’m sharing more about our upcoming move to the grove, and how I’m navigating the changes in taking over an acre of wild citrus grove, plus a yard, plus an old house while homeschooling my son and running East Valley Moms.

ICYMI: We’ve been gutting the house I grew up in: a 1960s ranch home in Mesa for the last two years to make into our forever home. (See more of the progress in our Instagram highlights, and this blog post)

Soon, my son will have the same bedroom I did, and there’s something incredibly special about that legacy that feels significant.

It’s been 15 years since I called this plot of property home between  going away to college, having my own starter home four miles away and seeing my parents move out to downsize nearby.

These old home quirks I’m all-to-familiar with, the daily rituals I grew up watching my own mother do, I will now do, like dishes looking out of the same window, in the same spot, with the same sink (but a new faucet).

What I won’t be doing at The Grove: Chasing down vendors for various home projects as we settle in, like replacing a faulty GFCI outlet, repairing a pergola slate and installing garage storage.

These tasks are going to be outsourced to a service that’s literally saving my sanity, and many other moms: One Home Solution.

This subscription based service offers trusted technicians on-call to tackle home projects and maintenance work from installing board and batten walls, to basic electric/plumbing repairs to helping navigate a leaky fridge. This takes one more thing off your, or your husband’s, honeydo list.

Best of all, these technicians are all One Home Solution employees and are $70/hour, no travel fees, etc., and can be scheduled through their app at your convenience. 

No more chasing down different vendors, confirming they’re insured and actually know what they’re doing, etc. One Home Solution takes all that mental load of finding someone to hire off my plate.

They also include four seasonal home visits by their reputable technicians to keep things running smoothly at home–these are complementary as part of the membership. (Hello air filter changes and smoke detector battery updates!).

This is a service ideal for double working households where there are other priorities than home projects; this is ideal for aging parents (hello, Christmas gift!), or for households where a spouse travels and just isn’t home to do the little things regularly. Basically, if you own a home, One Home Solution is a perfect solution for you! 

I’m thrilled to share more about One Home Solution with you through my conversation with their marketing team: I dig into the fee structure, the scheduling options and yes, even got a discount code for you for ½ off your first annual subscription with code “xoxoevm.” 


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