The Grove House Reveal: Exterior Home Painting Tips


My childhood home in Mesa has been under renovations for nearly two years and today, I’m so excited to share with you our reveal photos of the exterior! 

ICYMI: We’ve been gutting my 1960s ranch home in Mesa for the last two years to make into our forever home. (See more of the progress in our Instagram highlights.)

If you love a good home improvement reveal, this blog post is for you! I’m also sharing a few lessons learned along the way about hiring contractors for small or large projects, and how I’ve already used some of that advice on my neighborhood home when I got an angry HOA letter telling me I needed my exterior of that home painted, too.



The Grove Exterior 

Our home is mostly adobe brick, so the paint is really there to make it pop. I wanted more of a statement color than my parents had (they’d played it safe with browns and reds that were part of the brick coloring). 

It was incredible to see the original brickwork, backyard pergolas and the rest of the house get an instant facelift with fresh paint. 

Paint is the biggest game changer to completely change the entire curb appeal, and with a good warranty, will last much longer than a few flowers planted! Arizona Painting Company offers 10 year warranties, so it’s definitely worth asking when evaluating painters for what they warranty (especially with how fast bold colors can fade from the Arizona sun).

Budget hack: Look for complementary color consulting 

For the grove house, we had full creative freedom, which was daunting. We leaned on the advice of color consultants (some local painting companies include this as a complementary service, while others charge up to a few hundred dollars for it). Arizona Painting Company included it in their service, which can save a good chunk of change, just one way they’re known as Arizona’s #1 painting company!

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, be sure you get the management office’s approval on your color selections. Most neighborhoods have an established color palette you can choose from. You’ll want to do this before you reach out to a painting company. 

Preparing the house for paint 

With a good contractor, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger to prep for exterior paint. We selected the paint and that was it. The sanding and masking can be a little dusty, so be prepared to not play in the backyard during those days if you have little ones, but Arizona Painting Company prides themselves on no mess left behind–no masking tape bundles, no dust from sanding, nothing! 

After being in construction dust for nearly two years, I can say this is an incredible promise from a painting company and one to most certainly take into consideration when hiring a contractor. 

How painting estimates work

Grandma Ginger worked in a purchasing department for a university back in her working days, so I’ve learned a few things from her on how to shop around for services. Her biggest tip: get three estimates. 

When asking for estimates, never pay for a business to come out to give you an estimate. Confirm they provide free estimates, as Arizona Painting Company does. These estimates require an in-person meeting at your home, but it doesn’t take too much time (just about 30 minutes). 

Arizona Painting Company offers both exterior and interior painting services, including cabinet refinishing, epoxy flooring and more. If you’re curious about a 2024 facelift for your home, get a free estimate here.

This post is a sponsored post written by East Valley Moms on behalf of some of the brands featured in the post, but all opinions are 100% ours. Thank you for allowing us to partner with brands we believe in to continue to bring you free content!


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