Disney Family Date Night: 101 Dalmatians


3 Dalmatian puppies in a basket

Welcome back to our year-long adventure! I hope you’re enjoying our Disney Family Movie Night series! For the month of December, I decided to go with our friend’s favorite Disney movie: 101 Dalmatians. 

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December Movie: 101 Dalmatians

December Craft: Paper plate Dalmatian

This craft is as easy and simple as it sounds: take your paper plate and make a super fun puppy face! We used a blank white paper plate, Construction paper (Black, red, and yellow) and a black marker. If you want to up your craft game, use googly eyes and a giant black pom pom for the eyes and nose! 

I also found this fun dalmatian slime recipe on pinterest for my older daughter if you want to continue the craft time fun! 

4 year old girl holding up a homemade craft of a Dalmatian made out of a paper plateKids craft, a puppy face made out of a paper plate







December Sensory Fun
: Black and White Sensory Fun 

For our sensory play this month we kept it simple, or better yet, black and white. I grabbed some black sparkly play doh, white sparkle play doh, this dalmatian figurine set, and whatever I had in my craft bin that fit in the theme. For me that included black/red/white pom poms, red pipe cleaners, some red and black jewels, and some plastic dog bones

It’s this simple- I laid the items out on a plastic cover on the table and told my kids to play. That’s it. We don’t always have to have crazy sensory play. Sometimes some playdoh and random items from the house that can be easily thrown away if the playdoh play gets too crazy- is enough! My kid’s honestly had so much fun, and this kept them busy for a while. 

December Activity: Pin the tail on the dalmatian!

Simple is the theme for December because no one has time to plan out crazy activities post-Christmas! With a simple game of pin the tail on the dalmatian, we had an absolute blast. I made a giant dalmatian poster for the wall (You can draw/ print/ purchase-whatever you want). I made cardboard tails with the kids (and adults) names on them with a sticky strip on the back. We had some friends over for this and made all the adults and kids play just to make it more fun. Then just like any other “pin the ____” game. We blindfold the kiddo, spin them around, and tell them to try and pin the tail as close as possible to the tail on the picture!

If you want to do ZERO work- here is a game you can buy pre-made.

December Snack/Treat: Kanine Krunchies!

If you’ve ever seen 101 Dalmatians you probably got the cute little Kanine Krunchies jingle stuck in your head. Well, I thought the perfect snack for watching this movie- would be Kanine Krunchies! I made classic puppy chow or muddy buddies (it’s sometimes called both things) and simply put it in a homemade Kanine Krunchies container to make the kids feel like they were eating real Kanine Krunchies. There is a great recipe for puppy chow here if you’ve never made it before. 

You can print the photo and cut it out, or trace this photo on your screen and tape the image onto any kind of container you want. If you want to get super funny with it, show your kids the Kanine Krunchies container and then pour the treat into dog bowls for them! Have fun!  

photo of puppy chow/muddy buddy snackFour year old eating snack at table



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