Birthday Bash: A Perfect Party for a Princess-loving 7 Year Old


Little girl dressed as Belle, sitting next to Belle, opening birthday presents, surrounded by other little girls dressed up as various princesses.

When it came time to plan my daughter’s 7th birthday, I considered just doing something easy with the family, but mom guilt quickly set in and after all of the event cancelations kids endured over the last 18+ months, I knew I wanted to do something special for her. I was also a week into working full time for the first time in years, so my free time was scarce and I definitely needed something all-inclusive.

That’s where The Pink Teapot in Gilbert came in. This party was perfection – and this is coming from a type A, enneagram one, details kind of person – I was so impressed with every detail. My daughter was star-struck when she got to meet her favorite Disney Princess, Belle, and she left the party giddy with excitement and proclaimed it was the best birthday party ever. Success.

The best part, as a mom, is they handled everything…I mean everything. We simply showed up and let Belle and her helper do the work. I wasn’t worried about executing the details, so I actually got to join in on the party fun instead of playing host. The party was booked for two hours, from 4-6 PM, and we were driving away at 6:04 PM. Right on time!

The only thing I brought was the birthday girl and some party favors (which they’ll provide for an extra fee if you want!). 

The whole day was perfect and we created memories that will last a lifetime. 




The Venue

Little girl dressed up as Belle, standing next to a chalkboard sign that reads "Happy Birthday Braylin"When you pull into the strip mall, you’d never guess you’re about to walk into a little girl’s dream venue, The Pink Teapot. The lobby has just enough room to wait for the party to start. The real magic lies behind a small curtain, where the tea party and all of the magic happens. You’re greeted by a large table straight out of a fairytale with place settings that would impress Emily Post. There’s enough room for the party guests to mingle, open gifts and play a few games. As I was watching the girls at the party, I was wondering how we could angle a party in the future for the moms! 

The Theme

When I was first looking into having Braylin’s party at The Pink Teapot, I knew she’d want to do a Princess Tea Party hosted by her favorite princess, Belle. I was impressed with how the whole venue has a vintage-tea party vibe and the chosen princess (or fairy) really sets the theme for the party. It made the planning process super simple and we didn’t have to fuss with themed items like napkins or balloons. Large table set for a tea party with a little girl dressed as Belle standing next to a princess helper at a birthday party.

The Food

Belle serving tea sandwiches to a little girl dressed as Belle at a birthday party.The best part (in my mom-opinion), was the party was all-inclusive. We truly just had to show up. The tea that is served is actually juice and they let the birthday girl choose. Braylin chose apple juice and lemonade. This was nice because I don’t know a single 6 or 7 year old that would be into hot tea. For the food the obvious choice is tea sandwiches! We chose from a list of options that included peanut butter and jelly, marshmallow fluff, jam and cream cheese. They were served on beautiful tiered trays and looked delicious – no complaints from a single guest, which is a huge win with 10 kids. Braylin ate a ton and on the way home asked if I could maker her sandwiches like that for lunch. 

As for the cake, we didn’t even have to bring that. We were able to choose the flavor and they handled the rest. We chose a marble cake and it was decorated beautifully to fit the theme. It was not only beautiful, but also tasted really good. It was high quality and definitely exceeded my expectations.

The Fun

Belle and little girl dressed as Belle sitting in front of a makeup table with the reflections of other little girls dressed a princesses in the mirror.The party package promised 2 hours of fun, and it there was not a moment spared. The girls first stopped in a small room with makeup tables for a quick makeover from Belle. The birthday girl was first and got hair and makeup – a braid and some lipgloss, not a full face. She received her wand and tiara and then her friends went and all got some lipgloss, sparkles and a wand. 

Once they were all made up, they were taken into the main room with the table and party area. We then had the opportunity for photos and for the girls to get comfortable. Then they played a game of ‘Pin the Horn on the Unicorn’ which was super cute to watch. After the game, it was time to be seated and they received a quick etiquette lesson and then the tea and sandwiches were served. The girls had Belle’s full attention and she was wonderful and patient as they asked sully questions and sang along to the songs. Belle read story and was very interactive with the girls. 

Then it was time for cake, which is always a hit. Once they were nice and sugared up, we sat and did presents. Belle and her helper handled everything. They even did the registry, so I really got to sit back and enjoy the party for once.Belle posing next to a little girl dressed as Belle with a Belle-themed birthday cake.

At the end of the party, the guests left with party bags filled with goodies from Earth Sugar, a local, woman-owned, small business that creates “superfood confections” that gave the kids some sweet treats without the guilt of the sugar overload. It’s also 100% plant based, allergen free and healthy alternative to traditional birthday treats. We became quick fans of the Choco-cherry super bark and will definitely be ordering some for our snack rotation.

In addition to Earth Sugar, I asked our friends at Floured Cupcakes to create a Beauty and the Beast themed cookie for the guests. This was purely for me, as I wanted an excuse to order their yummy (and beautiful) sugar cookies. I happily brought home the leftover cookies for a post-party treat.

Earth Sugar branded boxes on a table with the treats displayed.Side table with party favor boxes and cookies for party guests.

Everything down to the finest details were so perfect for a little girl’s dream birthday. Braylin is a Disney princess fanatic and this party was a dream come true for her. It was so fun to watch her and her friends giggle, dance and have fun together. Even better, I got to enjoy the party with them this time and left the hosting duties to the professionals.

Little girls dressed up as princesses with BelleBelle helping a little girl play Pin the Horn on the UnicornGirls seated at a large table having a tea party hosted by Belle and her helper.

Mom and daughter who is dressed as Belle, sitting and posing for a photo.Belle posing in front of a couch with three little girls dressed as princesses on it.










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