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Chrissy Williams


5 Ways Life in AZ Differs from NYC/NJ

For you that don't know I am the NYC/NJ transplant in the EVM tribe. I moved here in 2018 with my husband and one year old from Hoboken, New Jersey, which is right outside...

3 Ways East Valley Moms Changed Me

  We made it! We made it through the unforeseen, anxiety-driven, weird year that was 2020. I'm sure you can agree when I say that while I am slightly on edge as we continue with...
elf on the shelf

Holiday Traditions: The Elf on the Shelf

This year was rough but it doesn't take away the excitement and love I have for the Christmas season! A time to celebrate family, friends, delicious food and traditions! Regardless of what traditions you...

How the Pandemic Helped Me Find My Passion Outside of Motherhood

Hey Mamas!  I am back from maternity leave and let me first say: maternity leave during a pandemic is completely different than pre-pandemic!!  I'm sure majority of you can relate; it's been a tough year for...

Mama, You’re Doing Great!

I think it's safe to say the last few months have certainly been a whirlwind. Routines have gone out the window and we're all doing whatever we need to do to get through the...