How the Pandemic Helped Me Find My Passion Outside of Motherhood


Hey Mamas! 

I am back from maternity leave and let me first say: maternity leave during a pandemic is completely different than pre-pandemic!! 

I’m sure majority of you can relate; it’s been a tough year for all of us, both mentally and physically. But this post isn’t another one that talks about why its so challenging. In fact, it’s the complete opposite! I’m putting a positive spin on the Covid situation (absolutely no pun intended) and sharing why I’m grateful for the perspective it’s given me.

I know this is such a sensitive subject, but this pandemic has really shed some light on my life and how unpredictable our future is. I first started missing how ‘content’ we were before- my husband went to work, our son (pre-baby #2 arrival) went to daycare all week and I worked remotely, in and out of calls and working on projects all day long.

We worked hard all week and lived for the weekends when we’d be able to go on family adventures. But then it really hit me: I was “content” in my routine, but was I truly happy and fulfilled? Or was I just used to going through the mindless motions of the work week and living for the weekends with my family?

Ok- Bear with me here! I absolutely love my family time, but this isn’t about them. I was my own person before I became a mom three years ago. When I passed my Registered Dietitian exam after grad school, I was super driven and passionate about owning my own nutrition coaching business one day and until then, I’d work at various jobs for experience. 

But then of course life happened.

I got married, had two kids and my priorities changed (obviously and rightfully so) and here we are 7 years later. Having all the time at home allowed me to reflect and I was reminded that I was someone before becoming a mom. And although being a mom is so fulfilling to me, it doesn’t fill me entirely.

I worked so hard and wanted to do more with my career; I felt like I needed to do more to “fill my cup” so that I can be the best version of myself for my family.

So I took the dive.

I used my “spare” time in between going back to work at my 9-5 and making sure my two boys were fed and happy to build my business. I researched, took a certification course, invested in myself. Side note: yes, this typically meant that the dishes would pile up and that laundry was done every other week…but mamas, I cannot stress this enough: it. was. worth. it. 

Because even though I’m still working my current 9-5, I finally hung my “Open for Business” sign and started coaching clients part-time. I took the first steps to doing what I actually wanted.

I know it’ll be crazy trying to balance it all and I’m not sure what will come out of my own business, but the amount of passion and drive I have now that it’s been established having it is indescribable!

I share this with all of you not to compare or stress you out, but more so to share a rare ‘happy’ story that came out of Covid. And if any of this resonates with you and you feel that maybe your goals have been put aside since becoming a mom and you have a feeling that you’re “missing something”, then I encourage you to also re-evaluate and get that drive back and achieve your dreams, and be flexible on what it takes to get there!

Fellow contributor, Nicole, wrote a similar post about how she came to find a new balance between being her own person while being a mom here! 

You CAN be both!

Because life is short.

Because tomorrow is not promised.

Because you deserve to be fulfilled and happy just as much as your babies deserve to be. 


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