3 Ways East Valley Moms Changed Me

We made it! We made it through the unforeseen, anxiety-driven, weird year that was 2020. I’m sure you can agree when I say that while I am slightly on edge as we continue with the unpredictable year ahead, but I am still optimistic as I usually am come a new year. A new year represents a new chapter; a fresh start in some way.
For me and my family, it means that after two years of being an EVM contributor, we are packing up our East Valley home and the memories we’ve made and we’re heading back east.
I’ll truly miss the home we’ve built, the desert life, and the beautiful friendships I’ve been so fortunate to make.
With that being said, I want to use my final post on EVM as a reflection of how this blog has impacted my life as an #AZmom.
East Valley Moms gave me the mama community that I never knew I needed.
In a few of my previous posts, I share that I moved here with my family from New Jersey for my hubby’s job two years ago and we literally knew no one. I figured I’d make friends somehow, but trying to make new friends as an adult is challenging, right? Well I quickly realized that trying to make friends as a new mom was even more difficult for me.
I started following EVM on Instagram and when they posted their contributor call for new writers, I stepped out of my comfort zone, applied and was super excited when I was chosen! I got involved and connected with the other ~20 women in the group. These women welcomed me with open arms and it just felt so easy. It seemed so natural to connect with other moms, all who have slightly different stories but overall, still moms who “get it.” I didn’t feel alone anymore!
The EVM team is made up of moms from different backgrounds, different family dynamics, different careers, different points of view…some of who I probably wouldn’t have had an opportunity to meet if it hadn’t been for the blog! The diversity of the group made my experience so much fun! I genuinely loved reading everyones’ blog posts and getting to know each one of them in person and through social media; I’ve even gotten some very cool mom tips and lifestyle hacks that continue to help me navigate my journey as a new mom of two!
I was inspired and found my voice.
EVM is a group of moms, but its still a legitimate digital media platform. This meant that we were challenged to write about topics we were passionate about and write it in ways that would resonate with our readers.
We were expected to show up on EVM social media occasionally and show our authentic selves. I wouldn’t say I’m shy, but I definitely was hesitant and unsure about if and how I wanted to show up on social media to an audience I didn’t know.
Now I’ll also say that EVM contributors are not required to do anything on our own social media platforms, unless we wanted to. But after connecting with the fellow mamas in the group and seeing their confidence in how they showed up on social media as it related to the blog, to their own businesses/blogs, and their general life, I found myself resonating with them and their content and realized that if I was connecting with them, maybe I can connect with other moms too!
If you’ve seen my other posts, I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coach and I always knew I needed to “show up more” and just didnt. But once I did step out of my comfort zone and shared a bit more of who I am and things I’m passionate about (like healthy eating, cleaner living, and postpartum support, etc), I was AMAZED at how much other women related to me and I am so thankful to have found my voice and the inspiration to have built my own little support community!
I made friends for life.
This is what I am most grateful for! As I mentioned, making friends as you get older can be challenging so when you do find women you just click with, you end up being friends for the long haul, regardless of the distance! I’m thankful to have made connections and built relationships with mamas from the writing team and even from some of the readers!
To the EVM team: THANK YOU for your open arms and becoming my “home away from home.” I can’t thank you enough for having me and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the site this year! 
To the EVM Readers:
As I close out my final post and we start 2021, I leave you with these few friendly reminders: 
1. Be open to the unknown.
2. Growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone.
3. Get yourself a mama tribe that will always stand by you!
All the love, 


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