5 Moms to Follow on TikTok (Yeah, that TikTok)


Happy New Year Mamas! I know many of us have a Nw Year’s resolution to reduce our screen time…I know I definitely do. But, let’s be honest we know our phones will never be too far away and we are bound to find ourselves swiping through social media regularly. 

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned how I came to embrace TikTok. I really did resist at first, until I discovered how ridiculously helpful and positive the platform could be. I have learned everything from cake serving tips to ways to clean the grout between my tile. Some of my favorite accounts bring positivity and reminders that all moms are on this wild ride together. 

My favorite part of TikTok is the absolute silliness that can induce hysterical laughter completely unexpectedly. Fair warning, your husband may think you are losing it when he walks in to find you alone in a room laughing so hard you are crying. I am speaking from experience here.

If you are going to be scrolling, set aside just a few minutes to check out these 5 awesome accounts that will bring positivity and practical advice your way with a little side of joy. 

  1. @highimpactclub is account that has completely changed how I parent my daughter. Marcela is a miracle worker who provides parenting tips to keep your cool and raise children who can express and process their feelings. 
  2. @7daysofplay is the most comprehensive collection of kids sensory and learning activities I have ever seen. Many of the activities this account suggests can be whipped together with things you have around the house. I can’t tell you how many if my quarantine conferences calls went better than anticipated because my toddler was thoroughly entertained. 
  3. @iamtabithabrown is literal ray of sunshine packaged up in a mouthwatering vegan foodie account. You may have seen her appearance on Ellen making carrot bacon. While I may not buy that carrots lives up to the original bacon, Tabitha’s Tik Tok is an all-around feel good experience that will leave you smiling ear to ear while craving healthy vegan food. Don’t sleep on this account, follow her TODAY!
  4. @lotsamiles is an account I thought was about lots-a-smiles since Ashley’s bubbly personality and dry sense of humor shine on her daily posts. I was a wrong and when you take a closer look at her TikTok handle she is referencing her love of running and the insane number of miles she runs every day. This account brings double the value because you will also get some great tips for new runners. @Lotsamiles has you covered for your daily dose of sarcasm and mama motivation. 
  5. @thevondyfam is a mama all about empowerment and embracing motherhood. She will sing you parodies of your favorite songs or her original tunes designed to highlight what real mom life looks like. None of that Pinterest perfection pressure to be found with this account, Emily works to normalize real life and the grit it takes to survive keeping tiny humans alive. 

As we head into a new year and we inevitably evaluate how we want to design 2021, something to consider is how you allow social media to fit into your life. Sure, Tik Tok, Instagram, and other social channels can bring value, but there is also a lot of garbage out there. Be mindful of what you are consuming and how you are letting it impact your life.  

Pro-Tip: Don’t get lost in a social media rabbit hole, set an alarm on your phone for 5 or 10 minutes before you dive in to pull you out of your scrolling sesh before all that new year motivation wears off!


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