10 Self Care Ideas For Moms in 10 Minutes or Less


Finding time for self-care as a mom is not always simple. 

As glorious as a spa day sounds, making it happen isn’t always possible. Here are some quick methods to take care of yourself as a mom when you’re short on time.

If you’re looking for more self care inspiration, check out our full guide: Self Care Is More than a Shower, or our mental health guide here. 



  1. Complete a 5-10 minute meditation. Multiple studies have shown the benefits of meditation, even when they’re only a few minutes long. Here’s a meditation on YouTube from local expert Darien from the ZenDen AZ.

2. Read a chapter of your book. Maybe it’s one you’ve read and love, or you just read a chapter a day. Either way, reading can bring joy. 

3. Take a 5-10 minute walk. The other day, I wasn’t feeling great. took a 10 minute walk to Air Guitar, grabbed a drink and snack, and came home happier than I was when I left. On Monday, coffee is only $2! Or, try our favorite way to walk with kids: Stroller Breakfasts.

4. Write in your journal. When I only have a few minutes and I’m feeling stuck, I sit and write down what I’m grateful for. This gratitude list helps me with perspective. I’ll also write down goals I want to reach, some I’ve accomplished, or just brain dump all my struggles.

5. Get yourself a treat, just for you. When I want to treat myself, I go to Decadent Macaron and grab some cookies. My kids know they’re just for me. These cookies will change your life. Trust me. 

6. Exercise for 20 minutes. My favorite exercise classes are short and sweet. I love using my Peloton app, and there are multiple short classes that get my heart rate up fast. 

7. Do a quick face massage. Zona Beauty has an incredible line of facial oils, and this video shows how to give yourself a face massage. You could also massage your feet or hands with a favorite lotion. 

8. Make something just because. I love painting and drawing just for the fun of it. You can also cook something quickly if that makes you happy. I created this painting with cardboard boxes, and I love looking at it regularly! Sip and shop have adorable take-home art boxes. 

9. Chat with a friend or family member. Calling or texting a friend or family member always lifts my mood. And, if you’re looking for more connection, this is a tangible way to make the ‘first move’ when cultivating new mom friendships—more on making mom friends here.

10. Remember how fabulous you are and take the compliments you’re given! Being a mom isn’t always an easy job and you’re freaking awesome!

For recommendations on more self care services for moms check out our full guide: Self Care Is More than a Shower. We share our team’s recommendations on local gyms that support moms and kids, plus mental health professionals who specifically serve moms.


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