This Kid’s Choir in Chandler is Teaching Kids Self-Esteem and Cultural Diversity through Music


On the list with the other never-ending motherhood responsibilities, it’s important to me to find and learn about different programs in the East Valley that provide opportunities to support the growth of things my children become passionate about as they grow up.

It’s been so fun watching my kids gain interest in things and develop their natural talents.  Over the past few years, I have noticed my oldest develop a love for music.

I absolutely love music, I have a playlist on my phone for just about every activity, but I am not good at singing. That gene may have skipped me, but was definitely passed onto my daughter.  

Unfortunately, I only sound good when the music is on full volume, so I’ve been very interested in finding some quality programs that have a solid reputation that could help them build a groundwork in musical education.

This month I’d love to share with you about the Phoenix Children’s Choir, which has a large East Valley presence. Read on to learn about this incredible arts organization. This is not sponsored, simply sharing a parenting resource to hopefully take one small line off your to-do list.



Mission Statement of Phoenix Children’s Chorus 

“Phoenix Children’s Chorus (PCC) fosters excellence in youth by facilitating artistic, musical, and cultural development through choral education and performance. We provide a professional environment in which a diverse community advances the talents, self-esteem, and life skills on its members. As global ambassadors, we develop a passion to enrich the world around us by creating perpetual supporters on the arts.” What parent doesn’t think that sounds incredible? Sign my kid up, please!

This tuition-based program serves hundreds across Arizona with the majority of their members located here in the East Valley. This chorus has specific programs for children starting as early as kindergarten and moving up into 12th grade. I was pleasantly surprised they have programming located at Foothills Community Church in Chandler, keeping it close for East Valley families.

As I continued researching the organization, something that spoke to my teacher’s heart is that all instructors in the program hold teaching certificates in music education. I feel that the level of experience and talent of these teachers and conductors make this program unique.

Each program within PCC provides instruction, education and music literacy training based on age so there is a program for your child that will be geared towards their learning and developmental level. 

Poco Voce (K-4)

This program fittingly means “little voice” because it supports the younger students as they develop foundational music literacy and vocal skills. Fundamentals such as beat, melody, and rhythm are taught through interactive and creative activities.  They meet on a weekly basis and have two family demonstrations each season to showcase their growth.

Vivo (3rd-5th)

As choristers progress through the Poco Voce program they will move into the Vivo choir which will hone in on vocal technique and introduce new concepts such as stage presence, movement and performance. Throughout this program they will build on their previous skill-set and continue to work through different genres and techniques. 

Vivace (6th-9th)

The students in this choir are focused on refining the fundamentals of vocal elements and techniques and learning melodic and harmonic recognition. At this point, they’ve developed a sense responsibility and pride through their love of music.

As an educator myself, I’ve seen first-hand the loss of the musical arts in schools. When I was in school, we had music class every day and now most students have it as little as once a week. 

Music educators are essential to the arts in our local schools and they work tirelessly to ensure music maintains a place in the weekly curriculum. Joining a program like this is an option to close that gap that we are starting to see with the arts keeping their place in school.

It easy to see the numerous benefits this program has to offer, and I wanted to close by sharing some recent testimonials from current students in the Phoenix Children’s Chorus.

“With everything going on in the world, PCC has given me a chance to sing even though I am unable to be there in person. I missed choir so much and the livestream option is amazing because it allows me to still feel like I am a part of the choir from home.”


“Through everything that has happened in the world this year, PCC was always the thing I was looking forward to. Even when I was stuck at home quarantining, I knew there was a place where I could be myself. I didn’t think PCC would really be possible in this environment, but the hard work and energy everyone puts in so we can make music together is inspiring.”


The PCC is holding auditions for the 2021-22 season on June 1st. To learn more about the auditions and other programs offered, visit their site Phoenix Children’s Chorus.           



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