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Kristen Anstey

Kristen is a midwest-minded mom who moved from Nebraska to Arizona in 2010. She met her husband, Alex, in high school and after finishing college they made the move to the desert to start new roots in Mesa. Formerly an elementary teacher, she is new to the role of stay at home mom and still trying to adjust to the changes and new levels of exhaustion that have come along with it. Growing up in a small town is a big part of why she loves the East Valley. Finding humor in motherhood keeps her life sane in the day to day with her sassy, but oh so sweet toddler Amelia and blue eyed, baby boy Cohen. Trying her best to embrace the chaos of life with little ones, she loves a good home DIY project, date nights, and traveling with her family. She is a latte drinking, toddler chasing mom who loves to surround herself with other moms who dislike laundry, decaf coffee, and changing diapers as much as she does.

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