Thanks to the Nurses


I’ve been chasing a nursing career for nearly a decade. Before kids, my number one goal was to become a nurse and work in a field I felt passionately about. Once I had kids, my career aspirations took a backseat to family. While I raise my little family and try to sneak in an online class here and there, I can’t help but become excited for the future.

After some time as a patient in the hospital and watching the nurses in action, I did some research and started taking classes to become a nurse. I worked full time and did mostly full time school. It was never easy and I often found myself retaking classes only to further my end goal. 

Now, I’m juggling mom life, marriage and school. It’s still hard, but what keeps me going is one day I will be a nurse. I will have the ability to help people at their worst moments and provide them excellent care. If anything, being a mom and having a few friends that are nurses has only made me want this more. 

Thank you Nurses | Nurses Day | East Valley Moms Blog

So shout out to my nurse friends, the ones who let me ask a million questions, setting an example and for giving me the push forward when I’m feeling like I want to quit. And to ALL of the nurses, for being the people we all need when we’re sick. You are the ones holding hands, comforting and giving us the compassion we need. As a former healthcare worker, I know for a fact that hospitals would implode without the nurses. The long days, missed family events, holidays and the countless times you’ve been an advocate for a complete stranger have not gone unnoticed. I see you and I thank you.

I wish we could give you all more than an appreciation week, or a thank you, but knowing how selfless you all are, you wouldn’t want it anyway.

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Cara is a thirty-something, Arizona Native with a deep love of the East Valley. She grew up in Northeast Mesa and is a Red Mountain High School Alum. She moved around the state a bit before planting roots in Scottsdale with her family. She has been married to her husband, Joey, since summer 2014. Together they have two kids, Braylin (6) and Joel (4). During the COVID-19 stay at home orders, they welcomed their Aussie/lab mix, Thor, to the family.  Cara started writing for East Valley Moms Blog in 2018 as a way to reconnect with the East Valley after living in Tucson for a few years. She took the position as Editor in early 2020 and added Site Manager to her resume in September 2020. She loves makeup, skincare (all things beauty, actually) and being a mom. She is an Artist with Seint Beauty as hobby. In her free time, Cara enjoys trying new restaurants, happy hour with friends, binge-watching true crime, shopping and traveling. She loves supporting local, small businesses, but is also a huge fan of Target and Starbucks. You can follow her on Instagram @caralespron.


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