My Minimalist Journey Part 1


I recently viewed the documentary The Minimalist and decided I needed to become a minimalist. To what extent I have no idea but I need to start somewhere. If you have not seen this I highly recommend it. It will help you understand why I am starting my minimalist journey. In my mind it makes complete sense. The only problem is that I have no idea where to start.

My minimalist journey

I believe my need for things stems from the fact that I grew up not having very much. I got new shoes once a year. I only got undergarments when we went school shopping. I only got toys or gadgets for my birthday or Christmas. We only went grocery shopping at the first of the month when our food stamps were issued. The point being that there was not a lot of money for anything extra. We only had what we NEEDED.

Since my divorce in 2004 I have been a mild hoarder. I do have a clean home but I collect things like note pads, pens, jewelry, clothing, bath items, etc. They are neatly stored and you won’t see me on the show but I have more than I will ever need in my lifetime.  The documentary made me take a good look at what I am spending, instead of saving, my money on. I cringe when I think about how much money I could have in my savings right now.

The First Step

I believe the first step is agreeing that I have a problem. I am professing that to you wonderful readers. I am still in the infant stages of research and planning. However, I have a move coming in May and need to get the ball rolling.



I am starting with my clothing, shoes, and jewelry. My jewelry box is five drawers full of things I can’t remember ever wearing. I own shoes that make my feet hurt. (WHY?) I am showing the before picture of my closet so you readers can hold me accountable. My goal is to sell as much as possible because I can always use the money. The second wave will be donated to a local charity. I don’t have any issues with throwing out anything that doesn’t make the first two cuts.

I believe my next step will be to downsize my kitchen items. I know I can give a lot of it to my daughter. If she doesn’t want it then I can donate it to a shelter. I hope that you will follow along with my minimalist journey over at This Brunette Blogs. I need all the encouragement I can get.

Have you decluttered your home recently? What were your results?


  1. Hi Melissa! I have been thinking about this as well…and for quite a while. I first read Marie Kondo’s books (Tidying and Sparking Joy), then saw the Ted Talk by the creators of Minimalism, then saw their documentary. I am working toward being fully on board with the process, but it does make a lot of sense. I hope your journey brings more joy into your life!

    • I would say you can do what makes you feel comfortable. What is minimalist to you may be different to the next person. I can already feel the joy creeping in. Thanks for stopping by. Melissa

  2. I’m very excited to see a post about this movent. We currently are also striving to be minimalists(to the extent a family of four that homeschools calm be!!). I’ve luckily had zero issues convincing my husband of this way of living because he is very drawn to it naturally and my kids are calmer and more confident in imaginative and self play in our home of simple open play but by today’s standards minimalistic play room!

    • April, I can definitely relate! I feel calmer when I have cleanliness around me. The clutter creeps into my mind and wreaks havoc. I don’t know if the rest of my family will catch the minimalist bug but I will do what I can! Thanks for stopping by. Melissa


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