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Grandma Ginger

Our resident grandma guest post author, Ginger Fleishans, has one ability that few others at EVM have: she can (correctly) answer most anything on a 60’s slang quiz. Not that she’s studied the 60’s – she lived it: she’s the Grandma. Today’s norms are often a mystery- changes in social behaviors, work protocol, and communication never fail to amaze, especially the wide range of talent displayed by today’s young moms. But, one thing hasn’t changed: we all agree that being a mom is one of the toughest jobs ever and our babies are more precious than gold.

Exploring Extracurriculars: 8 Tips on Getting Your Kid to Practice Music at Home

I don't know if all babies are born with a natural feel for music, but I've known at least two: my daughter and my grandson. I listened to a lot of music while pregnant...

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Here come those long, slow days of summer. Time for swimming… fun in the sun… picnics… vacation! Everybody loves getting away from the routine; even a well-loved routine. But invariably after a few days (or...

Grandma Guest Post: Work & Play Are One in the Same for Kids

One of my favorite quotes is "How does a child spell l-o-v-e?  T-I-M-E."  Lots of parents nod knowingly in full agreement. Did I take this to heart when my daughter was growing up? The...

Grandma Guest Post: 6 Tips to Volunteering at Your Kid’s School without Hating It

Most of my life has been spent as a professional volunteer and a lot of those volunteer hours were at a school. There was a time when I had seriously considered becoming a teacher...

Grandma Guest Post: Let’s Make it a Family Date

The holidays are over (whew!). Most of us cherish the parties, gifts, decorations, and lights that define that season. But when January 1 pops up on the calendar, it’s sometimes hard not to think,...