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Grandma Ginger

Our resident grandma guest post author, Ginger Fleishans, has one ability that few others at EVM have: she can (correctly) answer most anything on a 60’s slang quiz. Not that she’s studied the 60’s – she lived it: she’s the Grandma. Today’s norms are often a mystery- changes in social behaviors, work protocol, and communication never fail to amaze, especially the wide range of talent displayed by today’s young moms. But, one thing hasn’t changed: we all agree that being a mom is one of the toughest jobs ever and our babies are more precious than gold.

Grandma Guest Post: Honoring Their Holiday Traditions

During the first year or two of marriage, many traditions are established. A lot of “firsts” end up being seconds, thirds and soon everyone expects it. As creatures of habit, we all feel comfortable...

Grandma Guest Post: COVID Affected How We Grandparent

When my daughter got married, she and I went to a Bridal Convention in downtown Phoenix. At the entrance, she was given a tote bag that said “I’m the Bride.” I was given one...