A Mom’s Boudoir Session: Why I Booked with Arcadia Boudoir


Today I’m sharing a recent experience I surprised myself by saying: I did a boudoir photoshoot with Arcadia Boudoir (part of Arcadia Portrait Works). 

I’m a thirty something mom who doesn’t feel like my body is where I really want it to be. I’d say I’ve lost a lot of myself in motherhood, wear black leggings every day, sometimes I am fretful my earring holes will close up because I wear them so infrequently, and really don’t “do things for myself” that frequently. 

But recently, after chatting with a few moms a decade farther in life than me, two common threads kept coming up:

  1. I’m so glad I did boudoir when I did so I have it to look back on 
  2. I wish I would’ve done a boudoir session, I regret missing out

So, when I was given the opportunity to try a boudoir session with Arcadia Boudoir for myself, I felt like I’d have FOMO if I passed. So, without overthinking it too much, I booked an hour session, plus hair and makeup to really glam it up. 

Keep reading for all the details on my experience shooting with Arcadia Boudoir



What to expect upon booking with Arcadia Boudoir 

After my session logistics were booked, they sent me a questionnaire with some questions to get me thinking about what I wanted from this session, plus a few questions to make the day of the shoot a little more comfortable, since it is a little nerve-wracking to strip down to lingerie for photos. 

Here’s a few of the questions that I thought were helpful for crafting out the session:
-What’s your favorite feature physically? (my brain, obviously, lol)

-What type of playlist do you want during the photoshoot?   (‘90s alternative, duh)

-Anything you want de-emphasized physically? (the baby weight + COVID 20 i’m still losing)

-How revealing do you want your photos? (options were conservative, implied nudity, tastefully exposed, etc.) 

What a postpartum boudoir session did for my mental health 

I’ve lost a lot of myself in the last three years–as many of you can relate. Motherhood is hard, and I’ve got the physical battle scars to prove it: stretch marks, a little extra ‘squish’ and a lost sense of ‘sexiness.’

Within the first 15 minutes of the session, I felt empowered. I felt strong. I felt attractive. I felt like the best version of myself. 

And you know, I’ve missed her. 

Arcadia Boudoir gave me back a sense of myself that was so buried under three years of motherhood. 

How I prepped for my boudoir session 

I had a moment of analysis paralysis upon realizing I had to go lingerie shopping. Luckily, Arcadia Boudoir anticipated this and sent me recommendations of local brick-and-mortar shops, plus some online recommendations for picking pieces that were best suited for my aesthetic, budget and shopping values. 

(Mom hack: I went to Chandler Fashion and got everything from Victoria’s Secret.) 

The week of the photoshoot I got a manicure and pedicure, and then the morning of I washed my hair so it would be ready for the hair stylist. 

I opted to book hair and makeup prior to my shoot at the photo studio, and I recommend this one hundred percent. It took all the pressure off of me to ‘get ready’ for this. 

The two gals who did my hair and makeup were so talented and made me look as good as I did on my wedding day 10 years ago, but the girl talk, chit chat for two hours prior to the shoot got all my nerves quieted before I had to change into my lingerie for the actual shoot. 

Arcadia Boudoir had hair and makeup artist recommendations for me, so it took all the mental load of booking them off my plate as well, which I really appreciated.

What to do with boudoir shots

photoshoot with arcadia boudoirArcadia Boudoir offers commemorative keepsake print books and wall prints that are incredible quality, but here’s a few other ideas that have been recommended to me:

  • Just enjoy them for what they are–no pressure to ever show anyone 
  • Change out your S.O.’s screen saver on a computer or phone with your favorite photo 
  • Arcadia Boudoir also offers a calendar print so you can gift a calendar of yourself to your S.O. for his man cave, or just for him to enjoy

I’m so glad I said yes to this opportunity, and I’m so grateful for the images Arcadia Boudoir captured. These images reminded me of the strong, sexy woman I still am under the black leggings and day four messy bun. 

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