A Note To All Mothers


A little reminder for all the mothers out there:

You are doing your best to provide and care for your children. You will have bad days, good days, and days that are just in between the two. These not so great days do not make you a bad mother. They do not make you unworthy (even though you might feel like you are).

I know you wish to have a few minutes to yourself without anyone calling your name, without anyone needing you, wanting you, and seeking your attention. Just know, you are not a bad mom for asking to have five minutes to yourself. Your mental health is important.

You might feel left out when you see others going out (without kids) and wonder when you will be able to join them again. Someday (soon) you will be able to, for now try to not have “fear of missing out.” Mute or unfollow any content that makes you feel this way.

Sometimes you might feel like the world does not understand you, your current struggles, and the numerous battles you have to face everyday. Not everyone in the world will know (or can relate) but there are a handful of women (mothers) who do. Connect with these women, it does not have to be a lot. Possibly one or two; it will make the journey feel less lonely. They will understand your feelings, your thoughts, where you are coming from because they too are in the same season as you.

Most importantly, do not try to be the perfect mom (we all know that truly does not exist). Some people might carry themselves very well and we cannot see their struggles through the naked eye but that does not mean they are a perfect mom.

Perfection does not exist, but do you know what does? A GOOD MOM. If your children are fed, bathed, groomed, and creating memories everyday, you are a good mom. And that is far more than enough. Your children will notice the extra time you spend with them coloring or playing pretend rather than the two hours you spent trying to give them a Pinterest worthy birthday (disclaimer: there’s nothing wrong with this but this should not qualify you to be a “perfect” mom).

You are doing a great job (more than you know) at this motherhood thing even during times when you feel like you have failed. When you feel guilty or question if you have done enough for your kids, that only means YOU HAVE. You are aware of their well-being and they are your priority. I hope you know you are all superwomen. We might all wear our capes differently but we are all superheroes in our own ways.

Give yourself more credit and more love; you all deserved it.

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