Staying Germ Free in Playareas with Elephant Armor


Elephant Armor

As moms, we are constantly on top of our anti-germ game. Whether it is using anti-bacterial spray, wipes or gel or completely staying clear of germ hotbeds, we have to put our children’s health first. During this time of year when the flu, strep throat and pneumonia are all over the valley, we absolutely avoid group play areas at all costs, right? Well, now there is a solution where you can let those kiddos enjoy themselves year round without any worries. One Valley company is ensuring that indoor play areas are clean and free of harmful germs and chemicals

Enter the Elephant Armor System, designed for indoor playgrounds, which kills 99.9% of germs without introducing harmful chemicals.Their rigorous testing process ensures peace of mind for parents and quick service restaurant owners. Elephant Armor is a Phoenix-based company that created the Elephant Armor System to protect and disinfect indoor play areas against 99.9% of germs, influenza, E.coli and staph.

Sounds amazing! They have developed a healthy and safe way to accomplish this. The spray is made with a mixture of silver ion, citrate and water. It’s a colorless and odorless substance that is sprayed on play areas and then wiped down — killing bacteria and germs while keeping your kids safe. Several local fast food franchise owners have signed on and become Elephant Armor Certified.


We recently visited one Valley location to check out the goods. The Chickfila on 16th street and Camelback is Elephant Armor Certified, so we headed there. We thought for sure we would smell a chemical when we walked in but was pleasantly surprised when we noticed it is in fact ODORLESS. The entire play area was clean, and we truly felt confident that the spray was doing it’s job! This is a great confidence booster for us as parents, as we all know that restaurants with indoor play areas are an attractive stop for mom and the kids on busy days. Now that we know there are protected playspaces in the Valley, those long summer days will include playing indoors at their certified locations! We’ll definitely need to add those specific play areas to the Summer 2016 Bucket List.


Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about this modern, growing business. We also encourage you to spread the word so we can have more germ-free zones here in the valley! Overall, we are totally onboard with anything that both gives mom peace of mind AND let’s our kids be themselves in a play zone.




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