From Small Town USA to the East Valley: Finally Feeling Like I Belong

My husband and I are high school sweethearts from a small, SMALL town in Nebraska. We had this idea that we would stay their and raise our own family, but you know how things rarely go as we plan.

After graduation and an exciting job offer we found ourselves on a plane to Arizona.

Our first visit here….ever.

Both my husband and I are big into looking for “signs.” After our first visit I wasn’t sold. The move from small town Nebraska to Phoenix seemed too big to wrap my head around.  On the flight home from our visit I clearly remember this older man lending an ear to our situation and saying, “moving to Arizona will be one of the best things you do.”
While my husband’s eyes lit up with excitement, I was caught off guard with his bold statement.
In that moment I knew we’d end up moving.
Choosing to buy our first home in the East Valley sealed the deal. We managed to find a house in Mesa close to a few cornfields and dairies and felt right at home, smells and all. It was the perfect combination of country and city for us.  
Fast forward to today we just recently moved a little further south to Queen Creek with our two kids and love it just as much. Getting stuck behind a tractor on the way home is still a reality for us and we kind of love it.
Small Town Vibes: Each city in the East Valley has its own appeal and personality. There is always something going on just a few miles away, a local business to support, or a family-friendly event to attend. Our tribe of moms is spread out across different East Valley cities so we can always keep you updated on whats going on in your area.
A Playground for Foodies: The town we moved from had a gas station and a Dairy King, so we feel pretty dang spoiled with the options around here.  The food scene is top-notch and makes it extremely hard to choose a favorite. If you’re new, start in downtown Gilbert. This area has exploded and the restaurants and shops have something for everyone. 
Year Round Living: Living away from our friends and family back in Nebraska isn’t easy, but we love when our family visits. No matter what time of year, there is always something to do. There are plenty of trails, shops, outdoor parks and day trips that will make their trip unforgettable. 
That’s what I think I may love the most, the endless options.
After more than a decade in  Arizona, we truly feel that moving here was one of the best decisions we’ve made. 
Even more so, finding our sweet and cozy nook in the East Valley has made us feel at home. 
My advice for moms new to the area is to follow us @Eastvalley.moms to stay connected and get out and enjoy what makes the East Valley home for so many of us.
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