Lily’s Pad: A Hyper Clean Play Space for the Immunocompromised Child


Sharing more about a new indoor play space, other than your house, where kids can run around like crazy when the weather’s too hot, too cold, or you just need a change of scenery.

Real talk for a second: The reality is that most play areas are chock-full of germs and serve as a breeding ground for viruses that can sideline many of our kids. Generally speaking, kids usually get better within the next week or so with a visit to the pediatrician if necessary. That being said, there is another group of kids who may have underlying health conditions or a chronic illness and may have a  harder time recovering from a virus they are exposed to at the play place.  

For this group of people, indoor play areas are not a good option and often we stay home in order to avoid exposure to viruses that can wreak havoc on their little bodies. This can be isolating for kids and families who are already walking through a difficult journey.  

If you have an immunocompromised child who struggles to stay healthy during this time of  year, I’m thrilled to tell you about an indoor space where your child can play and socialize  with other kids in similar circumstances. This is a space where you as the parent/caregiver will have peace of mind because it addresses many of your worries. 



What is Lily’s Pad? 

Lily’s Pad is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help children with  immunocompromised diseases get their childhoods back. It is a hyper clean play space, which reduces the risk of infection for kids to come and play. This serves as a break from treatments, appointments, and hospital visits. Parents and/or caregivers can come and play with your kids or enjoy a few moments to yourself in the café area while a volunteer plays with your child.  

Where is this magical place? 

Lily’s Pad is located in Tempe, AZ off the 60 on Priest Dr.  

What is a hyper clean facility?  

Hyper clean means there are safety and cleaning protocols that are followed to ensure a clean environment for kids with a weakened immune system. The facility is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each session. There are hand sanitizers throughout as well as specific one-use shoes that are designated for the restroom.

Can anyone go to Lily’s Pad? 

Lily’s Pad was created for families of kids with a cancer diagnosis, chronic illnesses, or a rare disease. Medical referrals are required to attend. That being said, siblings of the diagnosed child may also come and play here. Once approved, you can book sessions online and attend for free.  

What does it look like when I get there?  

Lily’s Pad: A Hyper Clean Play Space for the Immunocompromised ChildOnce a session is scheduled, the process is simple and straight forward. Upon arrival, you check in and have your temperature taken. They screen each individual with a series of questions about any recent symptoms. After checking in, you are directed to a room with cubbies where everyone takes off their shoes and puts on a pair of gripper socks. Once the socks are on, kiddos are released, and the fun begins! 

There are play options for different age ranges, including a playground with two slides and a climbing wall, a little bounce house, scooters to ride, an area for music, an area for toddlers, a reading corner, and my kids favorite, a ride-on firetruck! Regardless of their age and stage, your kids will be able to find something they love. 

While the kids are playing, caregivers can find some fresh coffee or tea in the café. You can also bring food in for your family and store it in the refrigerator provided. While sitting in the café, there are windows to see your kids. However, if you need to do some work, there is a small room just off the café with a couch and a door to close for privacy. 

My kids absolutely loved our time at Lily’s Pad. I enjoyed taking time to play with them and also getting some time to relax in the café. It was so nice to sit and not worry about any other kids that are coughing or have runny noses. I was less stressed, and my kids were able to play freely. Lily’s Pad is an amazing option for families who might be less social during flu season. If this is a place where you or someone you know can benefit from, be sure to check it out! 


  1. Very informative read for mamas, and sooo encouraging to know that there is a safe place to bring immunocompromised kiddos! I love how this article doesn’t just include personal experience, although it lays that out wonderfully, but it’s also very informative of the hows and whys behind the venue.

  2. Wow! This is so helpful, I have never heard of anything like this for kiddos who would not be able to play around so many germs. Not only was this helpful, it was fun to read. Thanks for offering this different insights that so many parents can hopefully benefit from!

  3. What an amazing resource for families with immunocompromised kiddos! It must be such a relief to have a safe space for them. I’m sure this is perfect for summer when it’s too hot for outside play!


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